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A little warning (offtopic)

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18 Dec 2011 12:42 | Quote
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I just read a interesting article that all who use facebook should read and think about..


18 Dec 2011 13:45 | Quote
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What does facebook know about me?
False name, false address, false info, and no uploads from anything gps traceable, just from an unregistered ipod touch on my neighbors wifi.
18 Dec 2011 17:03 | Quote
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I hear if you click on the wrong thing on facebook it can easlily screw up your computer. And that it happens often. I used to use facebook. Don't no more.
19 Dec 2011 02:23 | Quote
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@null The thing with facebook is don't join these groups that say things like like this and you can see x picture, I've never had facebook even slightly fiddle my computer.

Back on topic, I know facebook contains all this data on me. Am I bothered... no. Google stores data on you whenever you search and the sort of links you click on when you search a topic to make future searches more efficient by displaying at the top pages you are statistically more likely to click on. There's a lot of data taken about us on the web and I myself am happy with my digital identity so I see no problem with it.
19 Dec 2011 02:32 | Quote
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My computer acts very strange while using facebook. When i used to use it.
19 Dec 2011 08:36 | Quote
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I'm not really worried about Facebook knowing where I live-since I mean the US Govt knows that and they have guns. What does facebook have? Zuckerberg.
19 Dec 2011 08:59 | Quote
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case211 says:
since I mean the US Govt knows that and they have guns. What does facebook have?

19 Dec 2011 09:30 | Quote
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When you know what to look for, it's not a problem. It's just like everything else: There are scams and thieves all over the place. Things to avoid:

1. Any link, group, picture that involves "OMG You have to see this! Most amazing thing ever". Nine time out of ten, it's a virus.

2. Any link, group, picture that does not come from a trusted host. i.e., the difference between a link that's www.cnn.com/your_page vs. www.rofl.tk/your_page

3. Adding applications to your facebook that are not from a trusted host. In general, if an application needs to know all the data you hold, then it's not there for your help. It's there to data mine you and sell your information to other companies, or trade for what they want.

4. Don't use your facebook password for another account on a different website. In general, you shouldn't use the same password for multiple websites or logins. This is a huge security risk if one password gets compromised.

5. I know having a huge friend list is fun, but don't add people you really don't know. If you do, you have more of a chance to get these infected links, pictures, and applications.
19 Dec 2011 10:04 | Quote
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Also, make sure the url is https://www.facebook.com and not http://www.facebook.com. Make sure the "s" is at the end of http.
19 Dec 2011 14:56 | Quote
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Can anyone explain cross-site scripting?
20 Dec 2011 08:36 | Quote
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Cross-site scripting (XSS) is actually a term for security vulnerability typically found on web applications. That vulnerability is known for pretty long now, first attacks was it around early '90.

Deeper explanation of is pretty useless, because it must have so many computer and scripting "terms" that they do not necessarily say much to people who do not fiddle with those things...but basically its vulnerability that attackers can exploit.

there are also many ways to exploit that vulnerability, but in these days that is mostly found for what ppl posted here earlier, those "fake" messages on facebook, e-mails or other web applications. Commonly they use it for collecting e-mails and other personal info for selling purposes.

@to case
yeah, facebook do not have guns. They have you. XD.ironical/jk

thanks all for the replies, younger and less "concious" ppl, might had some good tips.

True, but if you do not register google account and use google without registering, there not much "personal" info they got, some searching behaviour and state where you are and what "legally" found to your browser cache...But not exact personal info.. in facebook, careless people can post anykind of info that is available...well... just anyone. Ofcourse I do not wanna be some freakout who mass to people how evil facebook is :D, just hope that people use their sense.
13 Jan 2012 10:35 | Quote
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this might be true.
because on friday the 13th.
i was almost hacked.

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