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15 May 2011 16:44 | Quote
Joined: 24 Oct 2008
Hi AGC comunity
I just got bored from playing guitar .. At the beganing of my learning process I was so exited and willing to spend more time and effort in playing and learning new stuff but now I have lost that.. Tell me what to do ???
15 May 2011 17:42 | Quote
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There isn't anything really to tell you dude. If you don't enjoy it, find something you do enjoy doing instead.

But if you want to be challenged by learning the guitar, try learning different types of music. Maybe it will inspire you to continue your learning.
15 May 2011 17:48 | Quote
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Try some improv?
15 May 2011 17:55 | Quote
Joined: 27 May 2008
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try just taking a break for awhile, if you just let your guitar sit awhile then pick it up again you may remember why you loved it in the first place

Also writing your own music certainly helps, you can play other peoples songs and do scales over and over but its not the same as playing something you made
15 May 2011 19:48 | Quote
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For me, it just took a few artists that really inspired me. It started with Eric Clapton, moved to Andy McKee and Antoine Dufour, then to Michael Hedges and Chet Atkins.

That spark helps you move forward.
15 May 2011 20:28 | Quote
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Learn more music,expand your horizons,if not,move on
15 May 2011 22:57 | Quote
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Its either your getting frustrated because your not progressing fast enough,or your frustrated that you feel your stuck in a rut by playing the same chords,riffs,licks over and over without playing or coming up with anything new.

My advice,take a song you love to listen to and learn to play it perfectly,also you might want to try browsng the licks section on this forum for fresh ideas.

16 May 2011 04:41 | Quote
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16 May 2011 18:02 | Quote
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putting it down for a few weeks may help you get some fire back... maybe even a day will help :)

but you'll be the only one to know if it's for you or not man.

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