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Carl Snow – Live, From The Fishbowl - PT II

13 May 2010 10:56 | Quote
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Carl Snow – Live, From The Fishbowl - PT II

‘Hey Now!’ & ‘Papier-Mache’ …(For T)’

The week that this show was recorded and aired (as has been explained) was sorrowful at best, as we lost a long time scene-architect (and founder of ‘The Clintons’) as well as (my drummer/friend of 35 yrs) Rod losing his mother … BOTH to Cancer.
Prior to playing this show (almost canceled, for obvious reasons) I was urged by many , many friends and fans in the region to “do >this one< for …(insert song and name)” …So I did. Rather than wallow in the tearful events of the week (and week to come)
I played to Honor my fallen ‘brothers in arms’ and to also try and spark a smile of hope.

‘Ugly Houses’ got me off the floor and breathing again, followed by ‘One of Them’ which went out to Shannon and Rod, who BOTH are a ‘part’ of it.

This brings us to Part Two of the show, and two more tunes, one of hope and one of pain.

‘Hey Now!’ is a simple cry to pick yourself up by your shoelaces and get back into life, no matter what ails you, be it love or disease.

‘Papier-Mache’ …(For T)’ was probably the hardest song I’ve ever sung, not the chords or anything but the subject. “T” was my teacher/dear friend/mentor, Terry Hill, an amazing human by all accounts and arguably the most insanely great guitarist this region has ever known. (Phip will back me on that)
Terry, like me, suffered from Chronic Hep-C and died, waiting for a liver, during my 3rd year of failed (*Chemo) *Interferon/etc treatments. (Suddenly it’s hard to type)

Anyways I feel a few ‘explanations’ are in order for the tune I wrote him:
1- Papier-Mache refers to the movie ‘Escape From Alcatraz’ wherein the escapees fooled the guards (read: pain) by creating paper-mache’ lookalikes of themselves to place in their beds.
2- The “hell” in our veins = Hep-C (and in my case that God awful Chemo) that he and I would “beat” by playing and singing
3- Sinner/saint = the absence of judgment
….and “on fire in that bed” refers to death and Chemo.
(Don’t mean to be a bummer but that’s something I don’t want misunderstood)

So with no further delay I submit Two More (one left!) Live! …From The Fishbowl

‘Hey Now!’

‘Papier Mache’ …(for T)’

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Have a strenght mate. Thanks for sharing these.
13 May 2010 12:11 | Quote
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he's right (whoever said it in the other post) you really do sound like Tom Waits, especially in that first one here. the second one kinda reminded me of a song called "Requiem" by M. Ward, you a fan of him? jw.

I would definately go see this, you should come to Grande Prairie haha
13 May 2010 12:30 | Quote
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ahhhhhhh My 2 favorite songs from this performance at last!
Having coffee with Carl this morning I mentioned to him that after working with these vids for the last few days I've got "Hey Now!" stuck in my head and I can't get it out! And that's a good thing. It's such and easy tune to remember and to sing. You can blast out the words "hey now" or sing them soft but once ya start it's hard to stop. LOL I've been driving around for three days now singing that tune. The verizon guy was here today and I had it playing. By the time he left I noticed he was humming it under his breath too! haha
I really think this song has the most commercial potential of the bunch.

As for Papier Mache' this is the song I eluded to in the other post. When it's over I just sit for a while and don't speak. It is a VERY emotional song and I love it, but man if you are looking to put a smile on your face......save it for later!
When the CD is realeased for sale I'll be your first customer Carl.
Put it on my Visa card........
13 May 2010 23:04 | Quote
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Papier Mache’ …(for T) is great man. Love the feeling. Hurts to hear it bro. Great job
13 May 2010 23:21 | Quote
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I'll say this; these songs provided solitude in the midst of some hectic s*** out here in the desert. Good job.

Rock on!
14 May 2010 08:04 | Quote
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Great job Carl! Especially holding yourself together after all your losses, I express my sympathies to you...I know it's hard to do, I've played at funerals before. I played and sang "Tears in Heaven" at one, it was hard to not get emotional. The song itself is sad but considering the circumstances, well you know what I mean. Anyway, hope to hear more tunes from you! Rawk on! :-D
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Awesome. Just awesome Carl. Gotta admit... I was a bit naughty and listened to 'Hey Now!' before I read your post.

It really is what you said. I've been feeling real bad lately to be honest - I'll just say I've had better days. Anyway - it really did calm me and make me feel at ease. Papier Mache' was also a beautiful piece I enjoyed.

Sorry for your losses. You've done an awesome job with these perfomances considerin. All I can say now is - thanks for singing your heart out! Good luck with everything, you're gonna make it big.
14 May 2010 19:47 | Quote
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Just when you think it just can't get any better than this, the master carl post's more videos.

Nice work as always, Can't wait for part III (I assume there will be a part III)
17 May 2010 05:34 | Quote
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telecrater says:
Can't wait for part III (I assume there will be a part III)

thanks Bro! (and ALL Y'all!)

YES there will be a final, PT III, up probubly tomorrow sometime.

I really appreciate all the positive feedback from the forum (does an olden heart good).


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