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ChicagoMedic Karma (7)


Who Why Date
btimmfor the really solid song you just posted recently, keep em coming!02.17.2011
MoshZilla1016Guitar Grimoire---Awesome books man. Thank for the tip01.19.2011
EmpirismCool asset to the site, I should have gave you karma long time ago. Cheers!10.02.2010
nullnaughtYour knowledgeable about theory.09.17.2010
case211Dude, massive kudos for being a paramedic man ;) Take care of yourself, since we may end up having to hold a "tie breaker" to see who-uh-can see the next morning XD05.26.2010
MistalukeWOOO first karma I just saved you from being murderd by BBT and the rest of them at the end of the year!! ;)05.17.2010
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