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stuck in a rut

22 Oct 2009 18:36 | Quote
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well im sure all guitarists come across this unfortunate event once in their life, and its happening to me... im making some piano-ey metalcore screamo post-hardcore sadish stuff and i started off good but know i find im using the same chords and the melodies are sounding the same a bit. is there anyway i can break out of it or something? any tips would be helpful
22 Oct 2009 18:44 | Quote
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maybe try taking inspirations from other things besides music, like from a movie, or something that happened to you. take a walk, look around. maybe you'll find something that you can reflect your music on besides other music. idk if that makes sense
22 Oct 2009 20:06 | Quote
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just like what bbt said, use something from your life not just other music. You'd be surprised how much the mood of a song can change from person to person just based off of a personal event.
22 Oct 2009 20:44 | Quote
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Yeah,take inspiration,some songs come in 5 minutes,some others take days or years (Axel Rose Anyone?) Anyways,BBT had almost everything covered up with his post.

Take inspiration from people,from your surroundings,other bands,other musicians,even other types of music,for example,thats why i like psytrance and that kind of music,its really energetic and melodic,and people seems to love it as much as i do,so i take inspiration from Artist in the genre to make some of my music,not really related to psy,know what i mean? try listening more music!! you might come up with someting really innovative and creative!
22 Oct 2009 23:50 | Quote
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i think everyone has said what i was thinking about saying but just do that and try switching around the chords as much as u can and just take a break thne come bak to it and start playing random stuff
23 Oct 2009 09:03 | Quote
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Is this a solo project? If not then ask some of the other musicians for ideas. Like, "where would you go from here? What would you do?" Changing the drum pattern can help tons! If a lot of the songs are real complex try writing a simple one. It may not be the best song to you, but you never know. I wrote a song when I first started playing guitar. I don't like it that much, but it still gets requested when our band is playing. And this was 10 years ago. We are sick of it now. lol.

When I'm writing songs I'll bring my wife in and ask her what she thinks. I'll also show it to some friends who are or were in music and see what they think. My wife has made several suggestions that turned out really cool and she only knows power chords, uh I mean...power...'intervals' Be gentle Carl! :)
24 Oct 2009 04:09 | Quote
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Yes, change the melodies and chords...XD

lol, ive been there m8. If you have song started say you have an part A, but stuck on that... if it feels like you said, break the whole thing for a moment and change the chord progression to whole different way like in progressive music. If you know what I mean.

or try to Make bridges, sometimes for me making bridges give ideas to riffs and theremore the new ideas. also endings and intros are good way...or atleast work for me.

24 Oct 2009 04:48 | Quote
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Try picking up a different instrument. I'm doin it right now by switching from guitar to piano, and it's kind of EVICTING me out of the rut, lol!
24 Oct 2009 08:39 | Quote
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Theres a german metal band called Rammstein, if you listen to the 6th album that just came out, almost every song has the guitar from an older song.

Its mostly the lyrics that change a song. So, try singing when you play, same guitar but totaly different meaning.

Also try different tunings. Such as drop D and drop C. That gives a whole new sound.
24 Oct 2009 08:46 | Quote
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Inspiration comes when it comes you can't really force it or in the end it sounds forced and like "filler" songs. I would say take your time and do it right.

How to get out of a rut....for me I get drunk, I'll switch guitar, switch instruments, listen to different music, mostly get drunk. Just don't let become a habit of getting drunk or you'll end up being a drunk.

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