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I Despise Metronomes..Grr

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5 Aug 2009 06:08 | Quote
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I Despise Metronomes,
after playing for 5 or so years i have reached this conclusion.
my reasons for this dislike are numerous. firstly i don't like the sound it bugs the hell out of me, second i am never able to find the right speed or setting (this coupled with the first reason increases my tic-tic-toc rage), third metronomes actually screw up my timing (which seems the oppisite of what the should do). it may also help to mention that i generally get annoyed by things like ticking clocks, dripping taps and well really any repetitive clicking or toking sounds

none of this would be a major issue accept i had to go do a recording to a click-track the other day and pretty much made a fool of myself. i got it done in the end but it took way too many takes.

advice please oh wise and mysterious all-guitar-chorders
5 Aug 2009 08:00 | Quote
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Hahhah, guess who hate metronomes also xD... I record guitars with sequencer programs (Cubase, Kristal), so its easy to put midi drum track there... theres much more mood to play over drums anyway even its as simple as metronome TIC toc toc toc TIC toc toc t...AAAAAAAaaaaa
5 Aug 2009 08:22 | Quote
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You despise metronomes?

Erm...tough sh*t - get used to it man!

5 Aug 2009 10:19 | Quote
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Afro_Raven says:
You despise metronomes?

Erm...tough sh*t - get used to it man!

thanks for the constructive criticism there man any tips on HOW to get used to it?
5 Aug 2009 11:03 | Quote
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really??? i love those things. maybe you should just listen to it and don't think of it as just beeps think of the rhythm hell syncopate beats over it in your head or aloud.
5 Aug 2009 12:00 | Quote
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mmm You definitely need to get used to metronomes in order to constantly stay in time. The best advice I can give is to just start out slowly at a simple tempo and when you feel you've got it all perfect, increase the tempo and keep doing that. That's what I do for everything and it's really helping me out.

I mean, it's down to concentration. Really you need to start a small form of multi-tasking... so even without a metronome, you need to start counting the beats (out loud for now) so you can get it right.

It's insanely difficult at first but after time it just becomes second memory. Just keep at it and you'll get there eventually.
5 Aug 2009 20:36 | Quote
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Afro_Raven says:
Erm...tough sh*t - get used to it man!

That's tough love!!! but he's not wrong. If you getting hung up on the sounds then get one that sounds more like drums or less annoying. I've got an old drum machine and i programed a custom beat and just used a snare sound and it's my metronome.
6 Aug 2009 02:14 | Quote
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The metronome on this website saved my life.
6 Aug 2009 11:09 | Quote
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metronomes are yer friend!

(just as 'click-tracks'(studio) should be obliterated altogether)
6 Aug 2009 13:15 | Quote
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I use the metronome when learning new pieces. I make a bit of a game out of it. Starting real slowly then eventually picking up speed and 'going for the record' without messing up. It also makes learning scales, modes and so on more fun competing with my previous records.

However, I play a lot of accoustic blues and the last thing I want is a metronome dictating structure and perfect timing. I play it loose and changing pace is as much of the creativity as what notes to squeeze out.

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