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Afro_Raven Karma (20)


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macandkangaSmart guy. Knows a lot about theory! Not only that but explains what he knows well.11.28.2011
Guitarslinger124I don't know why I just thought of doing this now. You should stop by more often. Rock on dude.08.16.2011
MuseFanGotta love the biography mate03.16.2011
gshredder2112cool hair01.16.2011
nater2glad too have you on the forums and always very thourough in your answers02.13.2010
NightmareI really dont know him much, but I hear afro is a legend, and the biography, hilarious!11.10.2009
MiciHe's got the answer to pretty much anything you thought about asking somebody. Nice dude and he's also a way-backer. Cheers, mate!11.02.2009
carlsnowthat was just way too damned funny man. Kudo's09.07.2009
case211I love the biography. absolutely hilarious! and your modes lesson really helped me out, so, good things are coming your way fellow afro haired brethren lol(my hair totally afros out after a bit).08.16.2009
HeatherThanks a lot for the modes lesson. You need a karma for that!03.23.2009
les_paulHe hangs with Robert Plant!01.28.2009
Dyl4Nwant a karma??? i have many to throw by the air =P, and besides that..ur a cool dude and awesomely knowledgable!!!...so a karma THE KARMA is for:.....MR. AFFROOOOO!!!!(applause) =P01.27.2009
Phiphere's some "pity karma" lol nah, Afro knows his stuff and shares with the rest of the class! Thanks Afro01.27.2009
blackholesunyeah, you do need more karma! i think it's because you didn't post much during the whole "karma storm" last summer!01.27.2009
JazzMaverickI can't believe I haven't given you a Karma yet! You're awesome! AND my Mod buddy! haha. Thanks for being a legend!01.27.2009
EmpirismVery helpful and cool guy. And this karma point goes for his lesson of modes and shredshowlink in it. If you are not followed a link there, do it now. So late now and im sure I see dreams of it xD01.19.2009
leagueKarma deficient? Not for long Afro is the Original "go to guy' plus hes been here since before I joined01.07.2009
soy.el.cheyoure just amazing, and you navigate thru the sea of wisdom as hendrix did on the fretboard. thou shall not be therefor ignored, thus your word is like the haley commet that comes once every a lot of time and that is incredible... lol you rock01.05.2009
EMB5490comooooooon how do not have karma ur like one of the most knowledgeble ppl on this forum, along with others.07.04.2008
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