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harleyofdoom Karma (10)


Who Why Date
DarkRiffHe's got a pretty cool band06.20.2011
gshredder2112for the words of encouragemnet.cool avatar btw04.10.2011
colemankarma bing.03.16.2011
case211Not sure why I haven't done this yet... but those piercing blue eyes of doom have finally gotten to me... :D02.23.2011
MoshZilla1016Very cool guy but the Karma is for the even cooler MONSTERS!! Shoulda done this long ago.01.29.2011
nullnaughtinteresting taste in music09.26.2010
EmpirismOh man, should did this long time ago! A karmapoint for one of the coolest dude around. also his musical knowledge is like deep blue sea. Cheers man!07.10.2010
MistalukeKarma for the cool picture o:05.12.2010
MiciPeople (if he is even human) who build cellos out of guitars deserve tons of Karma points so here's my part of it. How come he only has two of these?03.30.2010
JazzMaverickA versitile legend! Bold, talented, interesting and a terrific person to chat to. You deserve much more Karma!!08.11.2009
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