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Jazzy modes?

Music Theory
3 Jul 2009 17:19 | Quote
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Hey everyone, I'm going to broaded my horizons from blues, rock, and well a mix of the two to hopefully get some jazzy-ness to it.
So, would anyone be kind enough to point me in the direction of some lessons on here, or even just some of the more jazzy sounding modes/scales?

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I'd have to go with the Dorian and the Mixolydian mode. Of course, your going to be throwing in some accidentals within the scales but those are the most commonly used.
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This topic invites me in with open arms :P

Mixolydian is always my favourite to play in, then Dorian, then Melodic Minor which is made for Jazz, Minor Blues, Lydian, Diminished, Bebop, Phrygian. It could go on, itís mainly about experimenting. But these are used a lot in Jazz, so that can be a starting point. But itís also down to the progressions, II-V-I is my personal favourite.
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How often is Whole Tone Scale used? (or is there another name for it)

I realized its the same as Diminished with an extra note every whole step.
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Jazz(and where talking about B-bop here of course) is Driven harmonically so this means there is No so called jazz scale or mode (and just for future reference there is never a "BLANK" scale/mode no evil no punk no death just phrasing). Now that is not saying melody is not a huge factor just look at T monk, but the songs are all pushed harmonically. Meaning the chords play are what determines the scale. so say this chord called C dominate9#4th show up well guess what your playing Melodic minor's relative mode called Lydian Dominant. but say in the same song a C majar13 can fit in the melody at the same spot your can play Ionian. Jazz can and will use what ever scale/mode it needs no questions asked you name it you can use it in jazz.

the Whole tone scale is made of augmented chords so it used for when augmented chords are being used. That is not the only uses maybe you just like the indifferent feel.

Diminished is Two diminished 7th chords so where whole tone is a bunch of major thirds diminished is a bunch of minor thirds.

that is for jazz theory league and anybody else that cares classical I don't know I'm sure it is just an of shoot
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there really is no 'Jazz Scale' (just as that altered pent aint a "blues" scale)
Jazz is an approach ... period.

that said:
Learn all the basic modes then start piling on the 7's, Dims, Doms, etc.

two of the 1st things i teach my new students is the melody-line to Thelonious Monk's 'Misterioso' (for the Maj and Min 6's) and 'Blue Monk'(for the Maj and Min 3's)... most of them have no clue they are playing two "Jazz Standards" , lol, but they pick up the intervals, i sometimes throw in (the gut-string picked part, not the 'lead')Zappa's 'Sleep Dirt' for exploring 6's in the lower register(and learning a picking pattern)

if ya wanna play jazz just dive in .. the water is DEEP

lemme suggest a few must have (imo) Jazz-spins
Miles - Kind Of Blue
arguably the 'most important' of all Mile's work, many consider KOB to be the beginning of modal playing (just check his and 'Tranes solo's! =)
Monk - Criss-Cross
Monk lays down many 'blueprints' in his melody lines that would be adapted and folded into modal-playing
Coltrane - Giant Steps
learn the title tracks melody =)wee haw!
Charles Mingus - 'Ah Um'
esp 'Goodbye Porkpie Hat' (Jeff Beck covered this well) and the enormously fun to play : 'Better Git It In Your Soul' (covered by too many git players to mention. (a few WITH Mingus like the add 3 guitars album 'Three Or For Shades Of Blues')
Zappa - The Entire 'Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar' series + 'Guitar' + 'Make a Jazz Noise Here' + 'Roxy Live'


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