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New Year?

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1 Jan 2012 10:35 | Quote
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So do any of you have any goals in 2012 for your music? If so, share them here. It'd be kinda cool to check back on this at the end of the year and see how we did.

I have just one goal musically for 2012, although accomplishing this goal would mean accomplishing a ton of really cool things along the way. A while back, a post was made on here about a guitarist named Jonathan Kreisberg. I believe it was coleman. Anyways, I really enjoyed the tune and liked his music so much that I bought three of his albums. I rarely buy albums anymore, since I had two kids, so this is saying something. One tune he played that I was just blown away by was his version of "Autumn in New York". It's a phenomenal song. I would love to learn this song. Maybe not the way he plays it here, because that is so far beyond my capabilities that it isn't realistic to accomplish in one year, but I think with enough practice I can at least learn how to play it in some manner. Here is his version:

So share your goals everyone!
2 Jan 2012 23:38 | Quote
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My goal is to dominate the guitar community and make
all begginer guitarist feel lame and inferior by showing
off to them with my newly crafted ambidextrious,over the top
toe playing technique....BWEHAHAHAH!!!!........(
3 Jan 2012 01:19 | Quote
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I only want to make tons of money with my music,whatever it takes or needs,so far ive only done 250 US in the year :(
3 Jan 2012 05:58 | Quote
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($250 in two days) / (2 days) * 366 days = $45,750

Not exactly chump change my friend. Keep at it.
3 Jan 2012 06:29 | Quote
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gshredder2112 says:
make all begginer guitarist feel lame and inferior

You've already done that, lol

I am going to increase my theory knowladge and hopefully learn to play one by Metallica, which means increasing my finger speed.
3 Jan 2012 16:02 | Quote
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My goal is to get my original project up and running. Super close to happening to, since I only need a drummer and vocalist now-already have the other 3/4 of the rhythm section.
3 Jan 2012 19:15 | Quote
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I'lla be recording an album, hopefully soon! depends on if I get laid off or not (fingers crossed)

other than that, just continue writing and gigging whenever I can
4 Jan 2012 06:43 | Quote
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start on my solo album and keep making songs with my band.

My new instrumental, REVELATIONS, coming soon on AGC.
4 Jan 2012 10:02 | Quote
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That's an awesome video btimm. He's clean and crisp with a lot of soul.

As for music goals, I don't really have any other than the usual: listen to more music and play more music!

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