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EmpirismOh god, I really should check more often whom I gave KP and whom not lol!, that v3nom3333 is surely dude I should gave point long long ago... One of the most easy goin mates on the forum who also rip guitar darn good... Cheers!01.12.2012
DarkRiffCool guy10.21.2011
matt8675Gives helpful input on posts.10.14.2011
MezzieHe's only got 1 year experience and is already KICK-ASS. you sir are a fast learner :P10.05.2011
MoshZilla1016Cool guy with sweet arpeggios.07.31.2011
case211he's a pretty chill dude who definitely has a passion for playing :) keep at it dude!07.12.2011
PhipMy name is Earl.....and what goes around comes around. Good members contribute, and you contribute so.......KARMA!07.10.2011
joedelbucohemondfEllOw sHREdhEAd xD xD WE Jammin' ... WE HOPE U LIKE JAMMING TOO...07.09.2011
Guitarslinger124'nother fellow metal head in need of some Karma.06.22.2011
neomass1MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! - just trying to help you get to the front of the line.06.03.2011
macandkangaA neoclassical shredder. Shreddin is never bad!05.31.2011
tinyskateboardnice song05.29.2011
Domigan_LeftyCool person. Great player.05.29.2011
gshredder2112For posting sweet "neoclassical licks ,adding to the forum,AND! Cause your not afraid to play fast. \M/05.29.2011
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