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guitar buzz

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17 Mar 2011 22:34 | Quote
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hey everyone. back with a question.

my guitar buzzes like crazy. its a 70's strat but from what I understand the pickups are not stock. my guitar has a crazy buzz that is really bad unless I am in certain spots. I was wondering if replacing the pickups or wiring or anything would do it. Its a loud buzz on every single pickup setting. Please let me know if it would help. Also what pickups would you suggest. I really only use my neck pickup but used to love my bridge untill a guitar shop said it was reversely wound and they corrected it. it was way meatier then... anyways... any suggestions are much appreciated..

I am about to record an album I have been working on this year. I know I dont talk much on here but I have been a member for years and love perusing the site. I feel like I know a lot of you guys and girls and I am excited to share the album when its done.
17 Mar 2011 22:46 | Quote
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you can pick up a noise gate like the Boss NS-2(people swear by these)-OR- you could look for single coils that are designed to eliminate feedback(the buzz from electronic devices). Buzzing is in the nature of single coil pickups man haha

Good luck on the album man :)
17 Mar 2011 22:54 | Quote
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is it a fret buzz or a pickup buzz?
18 Mar 2011 09:37 | Quote
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It sounds like it may be a grounding problem. Actually that's really what it sounds like. Case is right though. You are gonna have some buzz with single coils but it shouldn't be that bad. My bet is on a grounding problem.
18 Mar 2011 11:34 | Quote
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grounding problem? does the buzz stop when you touch certain parts of the guitar? (mine buzzes but if i press my finger to the bridge or strings the buzz goes away).

have you tried using two coils in parallel (humbucking mode?) mine buzzes when using a single coil, but if i use any two coils (positions 2 and 4 on the pickup selector) the nosie is cancelled out by the two pickups.
18 Mar 2011 12:35 | Quote
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bodom.. def not fret buzz

everyone else. Well. I think its a bit of two things..

the pickups are naturally noisy ... and there is def ground buzz. I live in an old place with 2 prong outlets most places in the house. I know that most single coils make noise but my roommate and friends have a few guitars and they are much quieter. I know there will be some noise and I dont mind that but mine is insanely loud. I figure I can deal with the grounding by getting the outlets grounded. But I also want to get new pickups since I dont really like mine anyways.

Even if I use two coils the buzz is the same though gx1327

any further help would be great

18 Mar 2011 15:21 | Quote
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Are you near or touching any electronic devices, power cables, power supplys, or basically anything with electricity in it?

If you take off The front plate are any wires loose?
Are the grounding wires connected to the bridge properly?

Is your amp/cable busted?
Any FX pedals?
18 Mar 2011 18:03 | Quote
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dsesh says:
my guitar buzzes like crazy. my roommate and friends have a few guitars and they are much quieter.

And if your roommate plugs his/her git into your amp? And if you plug your git into your roommate's amp? What happens then?
If you bring your roommates git & amp into your room does it buzz too?
If you take your amp & git into the roommate's room does it buzz there?
(this is a pointless question if you share the same room)

some steps or observations that you can make.
1) your guitar on other amps with your cable first.
2) your guitar on other amps with a different cable.
(this will help to tell you if the problem is in your guitar.)
3) your guitar, your amp, your cable in a different home with 3 prong outlets.
We shall await your observations and proceed from there.
19 Mar 2011 20:05 | Quote
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I hate buzz but i think some of the comments here are vary helpful, I'm going to go give them a try.

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