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carlsnowDavid freakin Bowie (and some other nice cuts)01.30.2013
case211He's a very smart guy, and really puts thought into everything he says on here :) Cheers bro!06.30.2011
gshredder2112dude 32nd notes,DUDE!!02.14.2011
neomass1Weezer - Well thought out, explanation with good key points and an over all great understandment of music.12.24.2010
tinyskateboardI'm digging on your advice lately.09.22.2010
nullnaughtYou like superjail09.06.2010
EmpirismI should did this long time ago... man. He is really helpful and great dude. Sure worth of karma or two! Cheers.04.11.2010
btimmReally helpful with his posts.01.27.2010
RAlove your Charts10.23.2009
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