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Yay! Another new arrangement! Come Listen :)

5 Oct 2010 11:57 | Quote
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So, I got a No Doubt song stuck in my head, so I had to learn how to play it. Here's a week's worth of arranging. I need to add some subtle nuances to make it sound closer to the original, so this is just an early rough draft. I'm sure i'll go back and make some changes.

Tell me what tyou think!
5 Oct 2010 14:01 | Quote
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damn I admire your melodical sense. Outstanding. Cant wait final release.

Imo your songs are more better, the closer its to your style rather than orginal...
5 Oct 2010 16:24 | Quote
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That's awesome dude. If you make changes you gotta post it.
5 Oct 2010 17:54 | Quote
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It sounds great. I have the voice of your gutar running through my head insted of Gwen Stefani's.

I haven't listened to the original lately..is your interpretation the vocal melody?
5 Oct 2010 17:59 | Quote
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Yeah. I try to pull the vocal melody onto the guitar while I play the main chord progression, and any kind of harmony that exists.

It's a little sloppy right now, but I feel i'm getting there. :)
5 Oct 2010 20:37 | Quote
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very pretty song. Jeff
5 Oct 2010 22:26 | Quote
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This is very good Jeff, keep it up man!
6 Oct 2010 09:15 | Quote
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Nice job man.

Rock on!
6 Oct 2010 16:40 | Quote
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Thanks for all the positive feedback! I still feel like I'm too sloppy to be performing... so I'll have to really buckle down and get that going. Getting close though! Maybe another year.
8 Oct 2010 10:33 | Quote
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I just...jizzed in my pants! haha :D
This song is really good, I like the way you arranged it with some open strings and different voicings. I think this time compared to your last piece of viva la vida (which was also very good, dont get me wrong) I think you improved here!
Chapeau! Kudos! Everything!
Please keep them coming!

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