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Organizing Songs

23 Apr 2010 18:34 | Quote
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Okay so i havent really learned from a professional for writing songs, i just kinda learned on my own. and ive finished quite a few songs but randomly get inspiration out of nowhere, (which is normal) and i get a good chorus going but then i never finish it. so i have like lists of random groups of lyrics some choruses and some verses and i dont know where to go from each one. what should i do?? :P
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This is like ME asking YOU, how I should finish MY painting. ^^
Man this is your song, there is no how-to guide for writing songs. Just get inspiration and try some stuff on the guitar what comes to your mind. Listen to other music to get inspiration..
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thanks haha. i didnt really think about how stupid that question was till now... i have confidence problems.. hahaha. okay im done.
24 Apr 2010 03:56 | Quote
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Yeah for the content I agree with Admiral, though there are some ways to "plan" things... I mean you can plan "arrangement" on song like theres a verse1 chorus verse2 bridge chorus... and so on...

Knowing music theory helps with the chord progression and tonality and why not even rhythmic planning, but rest is just up to your ideas, your ears and your mood. Keep goin on m8.

Ofcourse there are some ways to use "old good" cliches and a stuff which are experienced to be good stuff on choruses for example... I think listening carefully your favorite artists and trying to learn how they build and what "tricks" they use on their songs help you to get goin...

for the lyrical content, I suggest you to try next trick if you are "stuck" with your lyrics. Write big paper to wall with random words, they can be anything, size, font and style can be anything... just throw them there... put it on the wall, lay down and listen some good sh!t and look that paper (without actually thinking anything helps)... I found it fun and (strange) way to get forward...

Doh well, hope this helps.

24 Apr 2010 07:11 | Quote
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I don't know it this will be of any help to you but go ahead and take a look.
P.S. Hi-Welcome
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This was sent to me the other day. This girl seems to be able to take a simple chord idea and start/finish songs.


She might give you some ideas
24 Apr 2010 11:10 | Quote
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thank you so much for the advice, im usually on my own when it comes to this stuff.
23 May 2010 20:12 | Quote
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if you put the songs together that would equal the weirdest song in the world i bet! o:
23 May 2010 21:28 | Quote
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:o thats a good idea.. i think im gonna do that! hahaha
24 May 2010 17:43 | Quote
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YEAH! Have a song really sad in the beggining then it goes to really happy then to idk dogs
somthing totaly strange
watch ya make 100000$ off that
24 May 2010 17:52 | Quote
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haha i will put you in my thank you speach then. :D
28 May 2010 19:07 | Quote
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when you don't finish a song or chorus, what do you do? start another song or put the guitar down and take off. Sounds like training in concentration is needed or you need a deadline to get it done.
29 May 2010 01:22 | Quote
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Try putting different half songs together. Sometimes this can yield a little inspiration.
I like to look for a strong feeling, then I hold it and play with it. Sometimes for quite awhile but usually a little inspiration to move further will come in time with work.
Like everyone else said studying other song writers will build up a bag of "tricks" to draw from.
30 May 2010 05:22 | Quote
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I call my pile of choruses and riffs n'stuff, that I can't find a place for, The Vault. When your working on a song thats missing a chorus or something, just raid The Vault. Or mix match stuff from The Vault until a song comes out. And its great to have The Vault full, I rely on it A LOT. and I call it The Vault because I never throw a piece of music or lyric away, no matter how silly or stupid.
30 May 2010 05:48 | Quote
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Well, what I do (and I know I'm late in this convo) is keep the incomplete songs and leave them in their own area of my lyrics folder; and get back to them maybe weeks or months later - to have a fresh start, and fresh ideas. Maybe this will help you. :)

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