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favorite volume and tone setting on your guitar

3 Nov 2009 15:43 | Quote
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So name your guitar and favorite tone switch volume setting etc.
3 Nov 2009 15:50 | Quote
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Schecter C-1 classic NAMM prototype. i like all the switch positions for different styles and moods. i dont really use the tone knob though
3 Nov 2009 15:51 | Quote
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I've got new pickups to put in, but before it was usually just full up when using distortion, and then the neck single coil with the tone knob at about 1/2 way and the volume at about 1/2 way
3 Nov 2009 16:05 | Quote
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Hell; i change sometimes twice a damn tune lol !
--esp. if i'm imitating a Wah-Wah pedal.

Therefore my answer = "ALL"

Seriously 'm always moving vol/tone values , if only fine-tuning in a tune or 34
...the only thing you can count on when i have a Git in hand is that
85% of the time i use the Neck positions Pickup(s)

3 Nov 2009 16:12 | Quote
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Epiphone Les Paul.
I keep the "treble" tone at 10 and the "Rhythm" tone at 0.

I switch between them. The treble is usually for Solos/solo practice.
3 Nov 2009 17:08 | Quote
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My vol. and tone are both at 10 about 95% of the time, ill change the vol depending on the song but thats about it.
3 Nov 2009 17:25 | Quote
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tone at ten and trble 9 bass 10 mid 3-4 gain 10. fender strat
3 Nov 2009 19:24 | Quote
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i have a dean rc7 it only has a volume knob cause tone is maxed anyways so i keep volume maxed and for amp tone i use a line 6 150w spider half stack with bass around 6 mid at 1(lol) and treble maxedon the red insane channel(gain maxed). i also use a digitech rp90 on the OD model for a bit of a gain boost.
3 Nov 2009 23:14 | Quote
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turned up full most of the time unless i'm trying to clean up a dirty channel for part of a song.

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