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new song idea

4 Feb 2009 16:51 | Quote
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just a thought. i want to put a solo in the middle of that, but i'm still working on it.

5 Feb 2009 02:59 | Quote
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middle of what? :S:S
5 Feb 2009 06:50 | Quote
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I can't see it. Can you try it again?
5 Feb 2009 16:11 | Quote
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Keep working on it, your timing needs some improvement, play along to a metronome and that should help you out. Go for the solo, I don't see anything wrong with that, just make sure you compliment the chords otherwise it could sound like a disaster.
5 Feb 2009 17:15 | Quote
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JazzMaverick says:
just make sure you compliment the chords otherwise it could sound like a disaster.

some of those chords already sounded like a disaster to me. no offense
5 Feb 2009 17:25 | Quote
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The guitar either isn't tuned right, or the microphone is a o_0

Some of those chords sound a little... eh. You need to work on your fingering and strumming patterns.
6 Feb 2009 01:19 | Quote
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Yeah, I dont know, some chords sounded like they should imo, but if you stop on 0:45 you can see your fingerings, I think you tried G? am I right? if so you jumped one fret over. But anyway, there can be heard quite nice sounding progression that could be cool on some verse.

Well anyway, keep goin m8.

6 Feb 2009 10:29 | Quote
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quite extravagant, and i like extravagant, but sounds a lil disharmonic on it

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