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Your preferation to clean sound?

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15 Mar 2012 15:07 | Quote
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Hi, thought to make a poll, but naah... Do you prefer Single coils or humbuckers to clean sound?

I just bought a Johnson stratocaster copy, I was darn surprised with quality such an cheap guitar and found that playing strat with distortion is a sin LOL, it was so cool playing twang and maybe little edgy sounds, I had a little experience with single coils earlier and found it more cool than say my epi humbuckers forexample... hows you?

15 Mar 2012 16:27 | Quote
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It depends on what im playing.
Im im playing in a swing or blues style I use put my strat on the neck "humbucker" (5 way switch set between mid and neck)
If im playing a Funk or Rock style i'll use a single coil.
Also if I play a solo I switch to Bridge Single coil.

Outside of jazz music, I prefer humbuckers. They usually give me a smoother, less sharp tone.
15 Mar 2012 17:15 | Quote
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It all seems to be based on how that exact pickup sounds. I'd prolly pick sigle coil if I had only one choice, (on a desert island...with electricity)
15 Mar 2012 17:19 | Quote
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I agree w/Domigan. It depends what I'm playing but my favorite clean is my ESP LTD MH-103. It has humbucker bridge, single mid & neck. I like the sound of the singles played together for clean (5 way switch set between mid and neck)
17 Mar 2012 17:27 | Quote
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on a dessert island with electricity I would take a double coil a rewire it...having the option of both single and double....just sayin
18 Mar 2012 12:08 | Quote
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I almost always prefer humbuckers, even stacked 'buckers over a single coil pickup. I'm not much a fan of twang or the generally thinner single coil sound. I like thick, beafy tones with good EQ's from low to high while also being in full control of my output. You just can't get that from a single coil pickup.
19 Mar 2012 16:43 | Quote
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I use my hss bridge pickup and slight delay for a clean tone. Also I keep my guitar in e flat. I havent experimented with many other guitars but it sounds pretty nice when playing rhythm not lead. For lead on clean I use the neck pickup with the tone knob on 5.
19 Mar 2012 21:05 | Quote
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For cleans I usually just use my rhythm humbucker and make it as polished and clean sounding as possible. If I want to play some slow blues rock stuff or oldschool rock n' roll I'll just kick the gain on and turn whichever pickup down that I'm using. It gets the same cleanish sound, and you can turn it up and rock out anytime as well. :p

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