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Where do you go to learn

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3 Dec 2011 15:35 | Quote
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This is a follow up to the thread I had the other day about what makes you better.

What has made you better

I was just wondering where people are using to improve their playing and such.
3 Dec 2011 16:06 | Quote
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I think listening to lots of music and watching the best performers will do the most for your playing capabilities. A teacher can help in that as well: facilitate that learning process.
3 Dec 2011 16:35 | Quote
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I learn using lots of books and magazines.
3 Dec 2011 19:31 | Quote
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Lately I've been going here. classtabs.org
4 Dec 2011 14:28 | Quote
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I started by learning from a book, now I use this site, watching videos, once or twice I've asked some of my friends to teach me a bit but not often, I sometimes attempt to learn something by ear but its really hard and I also use some old magazines from the 90's which my uncle gave me.
4 Dec 2011 16:41 | Quote
Joined: 20 Sep 2009
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I observe.
Live music videos, local bands, recordings of myself.
I look for cool tricks, and other things i can pick up on.
When i watch myself, i look for what im clumsy at, what i can improve on, and how i played that lick that always seems to only happen once before its lost forever
5 Dec 2011 10:24 | Quote
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Books for theory,videos for techniques,the dark depths of my
soul to learn the songs my inner self has already written....

10 Feb 2012 14:55 | Quote
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i use utube and this haha
12 Feb 2012 07:11 | Quote
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Well, Maybe AGC is all I need :P... well, I think I dont go anywhere for learning. I think in learning, THe thing is that is the time right for you to learn something like you just learned or tried to learn. Can u use that what you just learned... well I dont know. AGC, Youtube... other people...you can go everywhere, but its YOU that need to DO learning.

13 Oct 2013 22:41 | Quote
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A website that is very nice for learning is


Which has tabs and videos for those tabs in a lot of different styles. :)

Also books are great and then youtube.

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