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Pull off, can you help?

3 Jul 2011 06:05 | Quote
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My pull offs are weak. Maybe I missed something when I was first learning, maybe I'm doing them wrong, maybe its just my guitar, I'm not sure all I know is I could use any input on how to improve them.

Videos, workouts, pointers, what ever you can give me would be great!

Thank you.
3 Jul 2011 06:07 | Quote
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3 Jul 2011 07:29 | Quote
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I find this ones good although it can be difficult at first.


repeat each different combination 4 times to a metronome with 1st finger free 5 4th fret 8 and 2nd and 3rd fingers filling in the gaps.

Also how do you pulloff do you just lift off or do you flick the finger slightly down to kind of pluck it as you pull off. The pull slightly down gives a louder sound but I think I've heard criticisms on it but it is louder.
3 Jul 2011 09:00 | Quote
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exaggerate your pull offs at first until you get used to the motion and the strength to do them then focus on making them cleaner. I had that problem with my pinky for a while but this helped a lot.
3 Jul 2011 13:33 | Quote
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1 4 1 1 4 1
1 3 1 1 3 1
1 2 1 1 2 1
fingering above
those are a bit difficult,but are the only way to build pull off stamina,for begiiners anyway.

4 Jul 2011 20:50 | Quote
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Lots of peeps try to just hammer on and come straight up off of the strings. But it's more effective if you bend the string a little before you do the pull off. It give a stronger, almost picking feel to the lick. May not be your problem but it's worth a try.
4 Jul 2011 22:57 | Quote
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Thank you guys, I'll give these a try and see if they help.
5 Jul 2011 11:53 | Quote
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Biggest thing I'd say is to do it really really really slow. So that it sounds perfect. Then work your way up. And by slow I mean, start with hitting the note hold for 2 seconds and then pull off. Do it with every finger and different combinations (the notes you play don't matter but making it sound good does)
5 Jul 2011 12:06 | Quote
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When I pull off, I don't pull straight off. I pull down A little with the finger pulling off, which gives it a fuller sound in my opinion.
6 Jul 2011 12:51 | Quote
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practice trills a LOT. Just go from a 1 fret stretch with your index and middle fingers, then a 2 fret stretch with your index and ring fingers, then a 3 fret stretch with your index and pinky. It's a great workout to get your chops back up and will help you with pull offs and hammer ons.
Dime used to do it too.

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