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26 Jun 2011 00:09 | Quote
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learning to sing has made me understand something... I was starting to get this working in the studio for other bands and sing how a singer has to work there butt of (maybe even the most) for that perfect sound.

I can say that I understand people using Autotune or other programs that control frequency with in the vocal range.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think people should use it to get away with things like Rap pop crap these days. I can understand why other people use it, most times these people are singers you wouldn't think would need or use it.
26 Jun 2011 23:43 | Quote
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Most of the time heavy autotune is used for 2 reasons

1.-Correcting a sucky singer

2.-Effect for electronic music

But there is also another situation,great singers use it in the studio because getting the "perfect" take can use hours in a very expernsive studio,so yeah,autotune and melodyne are used in those situations,not so heavy of course
30 Jun 2011 14:43 | Quote
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Autotune is a great tool in addition to being used as an effect. If used properly, you can use it like AlexB says just to make sure you are in tune. In other words it will only kick in when you are not in tune.
30 Jun 2011 15:11 | Quote
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I would consider the auto tune effect to be in the same sort of vein as the "sock" trick guitarists sometimes use. You know, when they put something over the strings to mute accidental notes during a take? It has both logical and economical value.
I don't think singers should rely solely on it, since it's sort of pointless to do so. I mean, anyone could be a great singer with auto tune on haha
30 Jun 2011 18:11 | Quote
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lol, maybe not though... I cant be a great singer, no matter how much I use autotune hahhah.. but its very efficient in matter of studio time like Alex said.

Goddamit I hate those pop autotune effects... because artists seem to think, if we but it to every friggin word, it will be uber cool... NO MORE!
1 Jul 2011 11:49 | Quote
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Good point with the sock, Case.

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