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Introducing Guitar Duos...

Music and Bands
22 Jun 2011 22:29 | Quote
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The SuperGuitarBros!

I absolutely love this song, and have always loved it since "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" came out!!

Tell me what you think and if you have any great acoustic Duos to share - PLEASE DO!

I love them so :)
23 Jun 2011 08:29 | Quote
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BRAVO! I love that sound! These guys play well together. I think I'd really like to get a nylon string guitar soon.
Yeah, classical guitar is definitely on my wish list.
Big smile,
23 Jun 2011 12:50 | Quote
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Wow,how inspiring.I love my nylon string guitar,you should invest phip,very awsome.

23 Jun 2011 19:39 | Quote
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Please everyone, feel free to share your guitar duos!

They don't have to be acoustic!!
28 Jun 2011 17:26 | Quote
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As guitar duos go in any genre, I would have to say Kirk Hammet and James Hetfield. I watched them live and up close. What James does is amazing. He does'nt solo much but plays super fast and complicated riffs/rythms while singing at the same time! And Kirk is an amazizing soloist as well. And as a duo, they are super tight.

When I saw them a couple of months ago I was expecting to be disappointed. But they were awesome to watch. They do a lot of work on stage. It's impressive!
29 Jun 2011 03:18 | Quote
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South Africa
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Seis Cuerdas

Rodrigo y Gabriela

and of course my duo band Wild Lettuce! :D

P.S How do you post the video image link on a post?
30 Jun 2011 23:47 | Quote
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yessss!!!!! Zelda is the greatest game series ever!
1 Jul 2011 11:06 | Quote
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Tell me, how long you practise that stance on 3rd video, look at it. left guy...

Many of the greatest compositions are found on games (dont try on me LOL)

These dudes do a super job there.

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