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Reinhardt Karma (8)


Who Why Date
Guitarslinger124Underated! Great "medly" as you called it. Keep it up.07.14.2011
MoshZilla1016Very interesting music. I like it a lot.06.07.2011
ChicagoMedicfresh jams, tasteful effects, good * man06.01.2011
harleyofdoomJust cause anyone who uses the harmonic minor scale should have more Karma05.29.2011
tinyskateboardGood Music05.19.2011
nullnaughtexcelent youteube video. choise09.13.2010
MiciSeems like a nice guy to have around in the forum. And his playing Rocks.04.13.2010
EmpirismNice and active newster, pretty cool player too. Cheers! Thanks Rodrigo Y Gabriela sharing :)09.29.2009
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