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Possibly the Ultimate Wah Pedal

22 May 2011 15:17 | Quote
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A couple days ago I took a 2 hour drive to get to the one Guitar Center on Long Island that had the FULLTONE CLYDE DELUXE TRIPLE VOICED WAH PEDAL in stock.

I needed a replacement for my Dunlop Hendrix sig wah which just sucked tone and hissed at me even when it wasnt engaged...

The Clyde Deluxe is truly a thing of beauty: this pedal preserves every last drop of your rigs tone when switched off thanks to being true bypassed and when switched on it gives you the option to 3 different wahtastic voicings:

Wacked: gives you a colorsound style woooww sound

jimi: has a 60 vox Clapton/Hendrix kind of thing going on

Shaft: is a funky 70s porno soundtrack/James Brown setting

all the settings have a huge yet smooth sweep range; with wacked giving slightly boosted rich lows, jimi giving more push in the mid range and shaft providing more room in the shimmering high end.
the input level dial gives up to 20 db clean boost which is really helpful to reduce the need for pedal tap-dancing if your going to be using the wah for a gain boosted lead effect coming straight out of the rhythm section of a song.

As for build quality... the thing is a tank. All the parts are hand made, hand tested and hand assembled in California. Now I donít like to right a review without any negative points but as of yet I really cant find a single fault with this epic pedal other than the fact that it weighs in at a price of $250 (its not cheap but it is possibly the ultimate wah)
22 May 2011 15:46 | Quote
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Great review man :) too bad I already bought Ibanez weeping demon, which is a monster too for its price. But if its ever broken or everything, I keep this in mind.
22 May 2011 16:18 | Quote
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Just watched some videos of it in action.
I prefer my Crybaby. It's a little damaged, giving it a unique tone, similar to Tom Morello. Or change settings on distortion for a Kirk Hammett type sound.

That ^^^ is just a little too complicated for me.
22 May 2011 17:43 | Quote
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Domigan_Lefty says:
That ^^^ is just a little too complicated for me.
ahh you say complicated I say versatile: this thing lets me dial in the tone that I have in my head, could never get any of the crybabies Ive tested to do that. none of the videos of this thing that i watched really did it any justice. you should try it out in person if you get the chance.
22 May 2011 18:03 | Quote
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^^Some people dont require all those fancy options,I checked one out at my local music store,It was very user friendly,Tone A+,solid like a rocit has alot of opgions,like you said its versatile from.porn to jimi hendrix,but Sometimes versatilty is a bad thing for some people.It gives em too many options to not be happy with there souund.Im a tone tweaker at heart,but Domigan is most likely a plug'n'play kinda,which i respect,Im into the small.details,he's into the raw sound,ITS all good!

22 May 2011 18:32 | Quote
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Pretty sweet wah man, I'll look into them if I ever need one.
23 May 2011 00:39 | Quote
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the hard part is trying to figure out weather to put it before or after my fuzz in the chain.. with the wah feeding into the fuzz the wah is cleaner but the fuzz is less pronounced this is easier to control but has a little less room for harsh dramatic squeals ... if you switch it around and have all the drive of the fuzz feeding into the wah you get a grittier more harmonically rich sound but the feedback is more difficile to control.. anyone have some input on this?

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