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Hey I'm back and I need your help!

11 May 2011 03:19 | Quote
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First off, hello everyone. Hope your lives are full of [insert awesomenees here]

My question is a Technique question, ya I know a technique question the technique category.

Ok so take a look at this video


Fun stuff right?

At about 1:17 and the end 7:30 there is a guitar riff I have been trying to learn, mostly just because of that sound and texture that is made from the way Sugizo plays.

From what I can tell its like strumming like you would on full chords of half chords, and muting what the string your not playing.

If you know what the name of this is play let me know, thank you.

Let me know if I'm right, normally I would look at the tab and video together and work it out from there.

No tab as far as I know, if you find that would sick if you sent it over to me.

Let me know if I have to be more clear on what I'm trying to say here, but I hope you guys can help me out here.

Thank you and talk to you later!
11 May 2011 03:22 | Quote
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If you know of a song, with a video and a tab that has this kind of style in it that would be the greatest!
11 May 2011 05:08 | Quote
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Looks like what John F... Something (red hot chili peppers) does
you just play dead notes (fret hand mute) really quick, but keep your hand in position and play the note every so often.
Not sure if it has a name though

Red Hot Chili Pepppers - By the Way
He does this throughout the verses
11 May 2011 05:33 | Quote
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Yeah, as domigan basically said, lift your hand up- don't press down on a fret, but mute all the strings with that left hand so that you get a muted sound out of it.
11 May 2011 08:32 | Quote
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Dude thats freakin live psytrance! Damn i want to do that! Tho i dont know what the bass is doing n that song....sincebass is pure synth,anyways,twisted music!

Search for Funk lessons over youtube,this is pure groove,funk groove,liten to all those funk/disco stars from the 70's (yes,all of them) and learn their strumming patters,that way you wil develop your own rythm and groove and this stuff will be easy
11 May 2011 12:48 | Quote
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Fret-hand muting,lay your hands over the string,and apply light pressure to deaden em,not to light,or youll hit harmonics,not to heavy,or they will just be dead thuds,push down hard and slowly realease pressure until you find the sound your looking for.

14 May 2011 03:21 | Quote
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@AlexB ya the basses is playing that synth sound if you can believe it. SuGizo him self is also playing some chorus overdrive delay synthy sutff in the song to.

@everyone else
thank you guys. this is really helpful.
15 May 2011 04:42 | Quote
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Thank you m8! this was a shocking, mindbursting, friggin reborning stuff ive seen last too long ago.

Yeah, for that riff stuff, keep in mind that he use Wah, that is essential in that kind of style, but technically its like guys said earlier.

Please, post or pm me similar favorites of yours.

@Alex, then do. I will. :)

17 May 2011 17:18 | Quote
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that bass is epic. nice tune man. (sorry I couldnt help with your question)
17 May 2011 19:07 | Quote
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its all good happy you like it

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