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Stratocaster vs Telecaster

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23 May 2007 15:08 | Quote
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I'm saving to upgrade to one of these guitars. Anyone have any opinions on each. I play mostly blues and classic rock and I'm not sure which way to go.
24 May 2007 18:03 | Quote
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I prefer the looks of a Telecaster and not many people show them off.I own a Strat but would have bought a Telecaster instead.
3 Jun 2007 12:39 | Quote
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Been a Strat player for about 30 of my 53 years. All genres, still play both Strats and Gibsons. There have been greats in blues and Classic rock that play both..Roy Buchanon, Richard Burton and Keith Richards play Teles, and Clapton and Jimi play Strats. Go to your music store, and set up an amp as flat as you can get it and demo both on the exact same settings. You'll know which sound is for you. The Tele is more brittle and high endy, and the Strat growls more. Your choice.
12 Jun 2007 17:25 | Quote
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i've been playing a strat for 2 years, but if i could go back i think i would have bought a tele instead.
18 Jun 2007 18:38 | Quote
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I have to agree with BigHoney, both are great guitars and can sound awsome in blues and classic rock, the only thing I would add is take your amp to the music store and play both through your amp or if you dont already have one then play them through the amp you plan to get. We all hunt for that perfect elusive tone that we hear on cds from our favorite players so realize that your final tone may also depend greatly on your amp and the effects you use.
14 Apr 2009 13:50 | Quote
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i like telecasters
14 Apr 2009 14:47 | Quote
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14 Apr 2009 15:53 | Quote
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Strat shape. Tele tone.
14 Apr 2009 20:16 | Quote
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This post is two years old! I think he's probably bought something by now. hahaha
14 Apr 2009 21:38 | Quote
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after seeing and hearing john 5's tele and the guitarist from slipknot, who isn't mick thompson, guitar.... i realize tele's have great sound but strats are a little more user friendly
15 Apr 2009 07:37 | Quote
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Since I upgraded my G&L ASAT (Telecaster) to a G&L S-500 (Stratacaster), the ASAT hasn't seen daylight. Because of the passive tone and bass pots it can mimic the Telecaster sound so closely you'd need ears like a bat to tell the difference.
Whether or not the Strat is more user friendly is I suppose up to the individual player. Personally, I'm happier with the S-500's 12" neck radius than the ASAT's 7.
So, if anyone is interested in buying my "MINT CONDITION ASAT!" P.M me and we'll see if we can do a deal.

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