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string vibrations @ 1/4000s

12 Feb 2011 19:56 | Quote
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i was dorking around earlier today and for the first time in months the sun was out and shining in through my windows. i was combining two of my nerd interests - - guitar and photography.

i started playing around taking photos of my guitar with my macro lens... and then i started strumming the guitar and taking a picture while the strings were vibrating

the above photo was taken at 1/4000s. i think it's really, really cool! check out how you can see the strings actually vibrating in wave forms. not one of the strings is straight as it vibrates.

info for camera dorks: image was taken at 1/4000s, f/4, ISO800. equipment used was a nikon D90 and nikon AF-D 60mm f/2.8 macro, handheld
12 Feb 2011 20:50 | Quote
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That's a sweet pic gx! Thanks for sharing.
12 Feb 2011 20:57 | Quote
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the D and B strings are my favorite
12 Feb 2011 21:23 | Quote
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They look crooked. Excellent photo. Keep them coming.
12 Feb 2011 21:29 | Quote
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13 Feb 2011 02:15 | Quote
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a couple more pictures from the same set:


good stringing vs. bad stringing


finally -- non guitar ------ soo i live in the soulard neighborhood of st louis city. soulard is home of the "largest" (geographically) mardi gras celebration in the world. it sounds stupid to talk about it here, but trust me, it's crazy. i live in the "red zone" which means that on saturday march 5 there will be hundreds of thousands of drunk aholes outside my window... and i'll be one of them!!!!

okay so enough jibbajabba, in preparation of influx of people in the next few weeks, they are erecting a cell phone tower right outside my window

13 Feb 2011 04:27 | Quote
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Cool! Nice pics man, are you really sure that guitar is just not badly tuned? XD...
13 Feb 2011 23:11 | Quote
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Thats a sweet cam!

Why so many springs on that guitar???
14 Feb 2011 12:14 | Quote
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I don't know about GX, but I freeze my tremelo on my strat with 5 tight springs.
14 Feb 2011 12:23 | Quote
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i bought the guitar used and that's what it came with. my old strat (squier affinity) had 3 springs and it held the bridge flush with the body. according to the set up manual there should be a 1/32" - 1/16" gap in between the body and the bridge when everything is set up to be a true "proper" setup. this guitar came with 5 springs and it holds the bridge close to the body but not pressing against it.

i have tried using the trem and it takes a little effort to move (obviously with the 5 springs), but i don't use the trem at all so it's effectively "frozen" as far as i'm concerned.

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