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cleaning the fretboard

4 Oct 2010 14:08 | Quote
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Got my 10 pack of strings in the mail today. MY question to all you nice people is,,,,,What should i use to clean the gunk off my fretboard?
4 Oct 2010 14:56 | Quote
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I've always used either a toothbrush or the scrubber part on a sponge(the green pad). I think afterwards you are supposed to use Lemon Oil if it's a Rosewood fingerboard to help the wood stay in good condition.
4 Oct 2010 15:50 | Quote
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For my Bi-annual (Electric) cleaning/String Change (Floyd Rose + Coated strings = Very long string life), i completely dissasemble my guitar and "scrub" down each individual section with some lemon oil stuff and a clean soft cloth or two. (Very smooth afterwards)

For my acoustic the neck gets "washed" every string change, and the body gets cleaned 1-2 per week. (same lemon oil stuff)

Both hav a Rosewood F-Board and Maple neck, but idk about other types of wood

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4 Oct 2010 16:27 | Quote
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What if i dont have the lemon oil? Will plain water hurt the fretboard in any way?
4 Oct 2010 17:01 | Quote
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DONT USE WATER!!!!! Unless it is a high gloss finish on a maple fretboard. If the wood is porous at all, do not use water as it will get into the wood and warp it as it drys. You can use even lemon pledge or something like that but make sure it doesnt have water in it.
4 Oct 2010 18:40 | Quote
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Thanks for the warning macandkanda i will do the lemon pledge idea then.
4 Oct 2010 19:56 | Quote
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i use ernieball wonderwipes

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