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Tips on spicing up your Solos

13 Apr 2010 15:08 | Quote
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South Africa
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Well I got a few but i know you guys got more advanced techniques and theory knowledge on this one so please post them here!
Here is my 5 cents
*Know your scales(Pretty Obvious ^_^ )
*Scale melodic patterns
*Licks in that key
*Bends, slides, hammer'ons ect. . .

hmmm i know theres alot more, Can you guys maybe put links anything that comes to mind that will help on this topic, like also want to know more melodic scale patterns so that scales sounds like melodic runs through your solo's.

Thanks in advance
13 Apr 2010 15:37 | Quote
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umm, effect pedals? Like wah, delay, etc...
13 Apr 2010 16:05 | Quote
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I think Rheinhardt didn't post them cause he mainly plays acoustic.
I'd add a few tips but I'm not into soloing at all so I have no idea. Sorry.
13 Apr 2010 16:12 | Quote
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Chromatics bro! definitely help make a solo sound more "musical" if you know where and how to use them(also everyone's ear dictates differently) but you should know your keys first, that's a huge step in knowing what notes aren't in key XD lol
13 Apr 2010 16:16 | Quote
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yeah chromatics can be cool. in one way theyre easy cause you dont have any limitations and you can play anything you want. but at the same time theyre tricky cause you have to play the right note over the right chords, otherwise it will sound overlly off
13 Apr 2010 16:17 | Quote
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South Africa
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Hehe yea I know my keys abit thats no problem,
I like using wah wah pedals, loop stations and yes Mici im only into Acoustic instrumental. Love the spanish flamenco style mix with a little bit of metal :D

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