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I need help with Song writing

23 Mar 2010 11:14 | Quote
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Ok i need help with writing a song, its hard to think up good Rhyming lyrics. Also, Making the Intro Is Also hard to figure out
Such as
A.)what's the song about?
B.)Whats the chords?
C.)Is it good?

I wana answer like all those questons Posativly instead of
umm, idk what the songs about or In my opinion the songs okay. i guess.

if anyone has any tips on songwriting
I would very much appreciate it if you fill me in.


23 Mar 2010 11:26 | Quote
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A) up to you
B) up to you
C) up to you

...okay that wasnt very helpful, you'll get a better response soon
23 Mar 2010 11:30 | Quote
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Lol Your post is true, but i need to find out the basics of writing a song.
23 Mar 2010 12:12 | Quote
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Well, I suppose everyone has a different approach so I can only speak for myself (and i'm a rookie so....)
I usually write this stuff out. At the top of the page I write down the topic or concept that i want to write about. I put that right at the top because it is very easy to drift off topic so it serves as a reminder to me.
Next i write out some ideas about what the verses might include and then try to organize those ideas so that they have a beginning and an end, this way it doesn't seem jumbled. Before i get too serious about the exact lyrics I decide what key the song will be in and what chords i might use in that key depending on the "mood" of the song.
Then I get a tempo and style in my head and begin working out the tune. Once i have a good idea of what the musical makeup of the song is going to be i then go back to the lyrics and start to get serious about those.
I usually don't fret about the intro and outro until i'm almost done.
NOW......sometimes i don't follow this recipe because sometimes the lyrics just come out of me all of a sudden and now i have work out the music part of it. Seems like rules get broken on a regular basis but I have given you a basic guideline to start with.
Good luck,
23 Mar 2010 12:26 | Quote
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Woo, Thanks this has helped me alot!
Im useing your Style of song writing Now, Again Thanks for taking time to Post your comment on how to write a good song for begginers and Im gonna get to song writing! (:


23 Mar 2010 13:12 | Quote
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It's easy to write a bad song. Be careful!

When I write music, I usually have to "psyche" myself out. I need to completely engulf myself into a feeling, a mood, an idea. From there, I close my eyes and let my fingers and body do the rest of the talking.

I always try to keep riffs that I like in the back of my mind just in case a mood I have fits that riff much better than I would have thought, and that would enable me to expand on it.

This is not some foolproof idea on how to write music, cause there is none. It's just what you feel, and how you choose to communicate that emotion that is at the core of songwriting.
23 Mar 2010 14:37 | Quote
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let the song write you

never force it


28 Mar 2010 00:55 | Quote
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something catchy pops into my head? write it down.
something happens in my life that brings up a strong emotion (love, hate, sadness, joy, etc.)? write it down.
something I realize about the world/life that seems interesting? write it down.

I think you can tell where I am going with this... i just wait for the inspiration to come to me. Another thing I like to do is that everynow and then a cool sounding phrase that makes no sense at the time will pop into my head and I'll write it down. After a while I'll have a lot of cool sounding pieces and I'll write a song using them. At first it doesn't make any sense, but sometimes I am able to change some stuff, maybe add a verse and it will make sense about something.

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