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New songs (need um!)

Music and Bands
24 Feb 2010 22:22 | Quote
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feed me up some new songs and bands! from the 60s, 70s and 80s thank yall very much! this woulda been so much easier if i was born in the 40s... i mean seriously. hear that g@d?
25 Feb 2010 08:22 | Quote
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Steve Miller Band
Dire Straits
Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See (Personally, my favorite song :))

25 Feb 2010 08:51 | Quote
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Xtc (absolute chordal/riff-al perfection) try 'Drums + Wires' (79) for starters... then eat yer way to 1992's watershed, 'Nonesuch'

Television (Gits = Tom Verlaine + Richard Lloyd) - 'Marquee Moon' justly voted in the top 20 of too many 'great guitar albums' lists to mention ... recorded 1978 no fx Just Fenders to Fender-amps.

Adrian Belew - Lone Rhino and Twang Bar King (82 or so)
these are now out on DGM (Fripps label) as a two-fer

James 'Blood' Ulmer - 'Black Rock' - 'Freelancing' (79 & 80)

Sonny Sharrock - 'Ask The Ages'

Pat Travers - 'Putting It Straight' - 'Heat in the Street' - 'Live! ...Go for What You Know' (late 70's)

Micheal Hedges - 'Aerial Boundaries' (acoustic) early 80's

Steve Tibbets - 'Steve Tibbits' - 'Yr' (crazed psycodelic Jazz with some odd percussion ..etc)

all the Frank Zappa 'Guitar' releases +
Zappa - 'Zoot Allures' - 'Roxy & Elsewhere' - 'Joe Garage'(my fav solo ever = "Watermelon In Easter Hay" , off Joes G) - You Are What You is' - 'Tinsel Town Rebellion' ...fer starters

AC/DC - 'High Voltage' - 'Powerage' - 'Let There Be Rock'
(three pre-80's masterpices before they fell apart after Bon's
untimely death)

etc etc etc etc
just realized i could do this too long, lol, and lose a day!

so juss one more...(fer now)

Robert Fripp - 'Exposure'


25 Feb 2010 09:08 | Quote
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I think he came on in the late 60s, for sure no later than the early 70s, but check out Tom Waits.
25 Feb 2010 11:04 | Quote
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27 Feb 2010 18:57 | Quote
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Neil young's "weld" album
buffalo Springfield's "buffalo springfield again' album
and eric clapton's slowhand album
2 Mar 2010 12:43 | Quote
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Thank you so much for mentioning a legend: Michael Hedges.
2 Mar 2010 13:30 | Quote
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Awesome Carl, couple totally new jewels to me, better late than never I think... that television just blew me to the parallel reality!.. on my way to local musicstore... after I get back.

Hedges, Tibbets... hope you sometime lose that day XD. But mayb its better this way, I have time to digest these first...


oh..and if you like Tibbets, you might want to check Ozric Tentacles.

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