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sort of stuck in a rut

3 Dec 2009 00:38 | Quote
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i feel like my riffs r sort of all the same,if anybody can gimme some good riff ideas or just some tips to make my riff writing a lil better,it would be much appreciated,,,,,,,thanx in advance.
3 Dec 2009 00:49 | Quote
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Learn more songs, study and understand exactly what you're learning. It's just down to what you want to hear from yourself though.
3 Dec 2009 05:30 | Quote
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Chords Chords Chords (then more chords)
3 Dec 2009 07:23 | Quote
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try differnt tunings? play in differnt keys/scales
3 Dec 2009 07:53 | Quote
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Check out some of these lessons.

How to make metal riffs out of chords - By Empirism

The Art of Shredding Part 1: Rhythm

Progressive Metal Riffage

Should help you out a bit. I have found that that the best way to beat a rut is not to play for a couple days, then play as much as you can for a couple days, before returning to your normal practicing routine.
3 Dec 2009 08:19 | Quote
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carlsnow says:
Chords Chords Chords (then more chords)

then once u learn those chords...learn some more chords. followed by scales which are of course based and played around scales (most of the time) then just for fun chords.

i learned a lot of chords by having my friend yell out random chords, i dont mean "c chord!" i mean like gimme a c#5b7#13 stuff like tht. or chord progressions and stuff.

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