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start from the beginning?

28 Oct 2009 20:18 | Quote
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The first time i picked up a guitar must have been about 8 years ago, and i have been actually playing music on it and getting good for about 3-4 years. I can play some difficult songs and i can read tabs and im pretty sure i have at least decent technique. BUT, i don't know chords or scales or even notes and all that fancy stuff at all! I want to learn as much as i can to improve my playing. Any suggestions on what i should start learning?
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start with simple chords, like G, A, D, C, E. you can find them in the Guitar Chords section of this site. then learn chords like Am, Em, Bm, F, etc
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Wait...you can play guitar...but can't play chords, scales, or notes? Sure you haven't been playing AIR guitar, mate?
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Well put it this way, all i have been doing the last few years is looking up tabs of songs and learning them. I can play some chords but i just have no knowledge about them at all.
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you have a very dry sense of humor don't you?
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Find a good teacher and start again--good luck!--Big Practice

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Yeah, good teacher is recommended, but... If you prefer to do it your own, like me... its an hard road, lot of little pieces to put together. If you have time and inspiration I suggest you that same time you practise scales and chords, try to understand neck. Try to understand triads. Triads is that you could start with.

Aim that you see the scales, because when you try to understand them, you notice that there are the shapes that repeat in the neck. Learn those shapes.

You have practised a songs, but did you practised improvisation, experimenting and a stuff? Spend a time with this also...

Flood us with questions, we do the our best to help you...though its recommended to find a good teacher.

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yea, pretty much what BBT, Carl and Emp said
31 Oct 2009 16:27 | Quote
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Well i just lost a piece on my bridge so i cant put in my low E string :( little delay wont hurt anything. Yeah too many people tell me to get a teacher, so im gonna get one soon. Thanks for the help pips
4 Nov 2009 18:01 | Quote
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Highly recommended for both theory and practical!!!

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