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How do you know if youíve made a mistake?

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18 Oct 2009 15:32 | Quote
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Hey all. I just feel like I need to talk to someone. I promise not to make off topic posts a habit. As some of you already know, I decided to do A levels in Animal Management. Iíve wanted t to work with animals either through welfare or conservation since I was 14. But lately Iíve kept changing my mind. I took the course because I thought I knew what I wanted to do afterwards. I thought that made sense. But everybody in my class donít seem the same. Theyíre all so immature, they seem to have taken the course for the crack, just because they thought it was some easy course where youíd do nothing but stroke guinea pigs all day. And Iím finding the amounts of work Iím receiving just downright stressful.

I donít think I like my course anymore. Iím doing loads of things I donít agree with that the college never said was in the course when I joined up. Stuff like roughly handling sheep to go to a commercial slaughter house. Which of course, seems ridiculous for me, a vegetarian and someone who wants to help animals to be doing.

Anyway I keep wondering if I should stay in the course or move into another this year while I still have the chance. I miss composing my own songs, I miss exploring and creating artwork. Last Thursday I was talking to an old friend who goes to the college next door to mine. She said sheís picked courses she loves, she doesnít know what sheíll do afterwards yet but sheíll just look at where the options will take her afterwards. Everyone I know, including the agitating people in my class, all seem to be doing that. I feel like the more time I spend in my course, the less I care about animals. That isnít right is it? Do you think I should do something else? Iím not sure whether Iíd just be senselessly giving up or not. I donít know if my passionís just dying because Iím surrounded by people who donít give a toss every day, or if I just really donít care anymore.
18 Oct 2009 15:49 | Quote
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My recomendation is,really analize what you feel,is it your enviroment that makes you to dont like your courses? or you really want to chage ways and try other things? life is made of changes

So yeah..analize your position,and if you feel you need a change,do it,do what you really like,somehitng that you think you will never leave cause you love it

Thats my point of view
18 Oct 2009 17:11 | Quote
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In my experience, whenever something becomes work instead of a hobby, it becomes less enjoyable. I think thats probably what is happening to you. (correct me if i'm wrong). However, you still might enjoy doing this more than doing something else, even if your current studies are getting on your nerves.
On the flip side, if you're doing things that are contradicting your own beliefs, i would say quit it. To thyne own self be true blah blah.

p.s. Alex, your english is getting really good. haha
18 Oct 2009 19:22 | Quote
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I think i read somewhere that the average person changes careers 12 times in their lifetime, i'm 33 and on at least 6.

Most collages are putting courses together to meet the masses even through your ideal job would be something different that what they are teaching i'm sure there maybe some value it in. if not change major and look at other options.
18 Oct 2009 20:55 | Quote
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Talk to your advisor about your course work. Explain what your beliefs are and what course of action would be best for someone in your situation.

Don't be afraid to change your major. It's not that big of a deal. Do it early though. I've realized too late that my degree in Computer Engineering isn't really what I want, but it's close enough to what I do want.
18 Oct 2009 21:01 | Quote
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First of all, forget what other students say or do. This is your career choice.
Second, any pursuit worth pursuing will require a lot of work (music included). You'll have to accept the fact that it takes hard work to get to the finish line if you decide to stay and complete your studies.
Third, I know this sounds strange but many of the cruel and unkind activities that you are asked to perform may just give you an insight that you can use in your advocacy fight. Watch, learn, use the experience to your advantage someday.
Finally I guess you are at at point now where you will have some hard decisions to make. You love animals and want to work with them and protect them and there is a price to pay for that privilege.
As far as the other students are concerned, it sounds to me like they are putting off the hard decisions and taking the "fluff" courses. Don't follow their dreams, follow your own, whatever they may be.
18 Oct 2009 21:28 | Quote
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Just do what it is that you love. Can't go wrong, man. It may be not be always easy, but what's easy anyway?
19 Oct 2009 01:47 | Quote
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Well Heather, im not very old (only 19) but I have made many choices I regret. I too made wrong decision education wise, that I am still trying to fix. I went to college for Pre-Aerospace Engineering, and I am in my second year of it. However, it isn't what I like I only did it because I knew the big payout once I graduated. However, my love is art and everything about art. Now I am finishing my engineering and also enrolled in some art classes to be a teacher.

However, not everything you can fix. Lucky I analyzed (like everyone else said) what I really loved early on and fixed my problem. My best advice is to finish whatever you got into, then go back and take a different course, because who knows you may end up liking it the more you do it and this may just be a tough phase of your course; college is becoming very acessible now-a-days.
19 Oct 2009 14:00 | Quote
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Cheers guys. You've all given some things to think about. I still haven't really got my head around what I'm doing. But I think I might stay with what I'm doing for now and talk to my course tutor. I know I need to put the graft into what I'm doing whatevre it is to get anywhere, I just don't know where I want to go anymore though. But like shredguitar I keep thinking being an art teacher would prably suit me better. But agian I don't know. I'll give it some more time, if I rush my thoughts I'll probably just get myself in a mess knowing me ha.

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