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shredguitar17 Karma (7)


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gshredder2112Good artist,great lessons.Epic dude. \M/(*-+)06.20.2011
MoshZilla1016Unbelievable artwork. If you play as good as you draw.........06.10.2011
guitarmastergodgood lesson! also i agree with jazz03.15.2010
JazzMaverickA cool, down to Earth guy who deserves more Karma! I'm glad I was able to help you and I appreciate your kind words!01.22.2010
HeatherThanks for the advice. It's helped me think...and you know it takes a lot to make me start doing that! :D Thanks again.10.19.2009
EmpirismSecond karma! Yay!...eh umm xD, Cool dude and been here a while, gives nice tips and cool lessons. Keep on shredding m8 ^_^03.25.2009
EMB5490first karma! yay!11.30.2008
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