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SpiderCapo.. Cool i want one

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3 Aug 2009 09:29 | Quote
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may i draw your attention to the spidercapo, such a good idea i don't know why no one ever thought of it before see links


and here's a youtube video of it in action:

want one!
3 Aug 2009 10:26 | Quote
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Wow I love that thingy! Great idea. ummmm while you are getting one for yourself pick one up for me too! haha
$40.00 that's not too bad. My birthday is coming up. Think of the joy and the big smile you would be putting on my face! (worth every penny)
3 Aug 2009 22:47 | Quote
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thats a cool idea but i dont really have a need for a capo though
3 Aug 2009 22:56 | Quote
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I've got an acoustic guitarist magizine and i was that, I think it was diffrent than that one. Still pretty cool
3 Aug 2009 23:09 | Quote
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lol, what the friggin thing is that xD... rarely I use capo thou, but one thing is sure... I dont put that on my guitar xD

I admit that its handy that you can decide strings what be "capoed"
4 Aug 2009 02:21 | Quote
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These have existed for a long time. They are called third-hand capo's. Here is a video of one being used where it is adjusted throughout the song.

4 Aug 2009 10:49 | Quote
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what jeff said just make sure you do your research some can be shoddy

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