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Newbie from Canada

3 Apr 2009 00:40 | Quote
Joined: 03 Apr 2009
Hey there, noticed you guys don't have a introduction section. I guess this section is okay to use!

A little intro, I am 25 years old, from London Ontario Canada and I've been playing guitar since I was about 13, got my first acoustic guitar from my parents for Christmas and I haven't quit yet.

From a young age I have always loved music, just pure raw emotion for it really. I started off with the acoustic from my parents, then moved up to the electric years later. Currently playing a Epiphone SG, Yamaha classical and a Mandolin.

I played saxophone in high school, they taught theory but I really didn't learn as much as I should have and I hate myself for it today!

Lately I have been wanting to improvise and become a songwriter but to tell you the truth I could never do it. After doing some key research I have been able to get some stuff down which I am very excited about. I'll probably be picking the brains from people around here. Cya around!
3 Apr 2009 00:45 | Quote
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heyhey, welcome! im from Canada too, but the western side =P
3 Apr 2009 05:12 | Quote
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Guten Tag! Heißen Sie willkommen zum Forum! ...Only kidding. Hello and welcome to the forum.
3 Apr 2009 05:35 | Quote
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hey if you are going to be picking brains could you pick one out for me too? I seem to have misplaced mine (prob in the sofa cushions).
Another proud owner of the Epiphone SG eh? And a mandolin? Can you actually play that thing? I think I'd like to learn how to play one of those!
Anyway, it's customary for the new guy to buy the beer and also could you lend me fifty 'til payday? LOl

Hey you're learning something while you are over there! International man of mystery!!!!!
3 Apr 2009 12:10 | Quote
Joined: 03 Apr 2009
lol yeah the epiphone sg is a nice guitar, but to tell you the truth I've been eying the telecaster for some time now, maybe one day.

The mandolin is actually a very easy instrument, chords are different but very easy to learn, it sounds great and adds a lot to songs when playing live!
3 Apr 2009 12:14 | Quote
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Hey man, welcome to the site! We haven't had a saxophone player on the site before! You still messing around with it? One of my favourite instruments.

Hell yes to Epiphone SG! What type of mandolin do you have? I've got one too, beauty.

hahaha Phip's the guy to go to when you need a laugh, he's a legend on this forum.

Anyway, if you're interested in improvising, check out some of my lessons and feel free to ask me for help whenever you need it.
3 Apr 2009 12:47 | Quote
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Welcome to the site, Billy! (Hope you're not insulted that I left out the awesome!)

Good to have another friendly face on the forums. You're going to like it here, these people know a hell of a lot about guitar! (Whereas I know just a little on the subject, no need to pick my brains out!) and they're always fun and helpful to talk to. Welcome!
3 Apr 2009 16:52 | Quote
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Leave now n00b!!! lol. jk. Welcome man!

3 Apr 2009 20:59 | Quote
Joined: 18 Jan 2009
United States
I used to have an Epiphone SG. That is a great instrument. I traded it in for a fender srat. a couple of years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the SG though.

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