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3 Nov 2008 23:24 | Quote
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okay, well Yngwie Malmsteen has a song called Black Star, and i just saw on youtube Jason Becker playing the same song, or very similar. so who wrote it? or is it a song from the classical period?
4 Nov 2008 00:45 | Quote
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I believe it was Yngwie who originally composed the song and Becker has covered it.
4 Nov 2008 04:07 | Quote
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Yngwie. However, Becker is in my opinion a better musician and guitarist. Eventhough he has ALS, he can still compose music and communicates with his eyes. He has the technical proficiency (ie fast, accurate) and he has the essence of music down really well. Listen to altitudes or air by becker and compare it to malmsteen's black star or arpeggios from hell. You will find that malmsteen, although extremely fast and technical, that his songs have no "essence" no feeling, just shallow arpeggios and sweeps with repetive licks and diminished descents. Becker's songs however, have feeling, and is played with feeling unlike malmsteen. Oh and Becker does an amazing arrangment of the violin virtuoso Niccolo Paganini's 24th Cappricio. Check it its legite.
4 Nov 2008 05:30 | Quote
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Hmm, I must agree with you on Arps from Hell, but Malmsteen said, it was just for fun; a study in over the top arpeggio's.
Black Star is quite a song, and by calling it
...just shallow arpeggios and sweeps with repetive licks and diminished descents.
you're not giving it the credit it deserves.
On the other hand, Becker is a player who is better at dosing his playing.

4 Nov 2008 07:52 | Quote
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yngwie. but becker is better in my opinion, hes the most unknown/ underrated guitarist.
4 Nov 2008 08:32 | Quote
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Yngwie wrote or should I say re-compose it more fit to heavy metal genre of our time. Melodies and tricks in that song was though orginally written by J.S Bach. Im not sure if it goes same note by note, but definately atleast inspired by Bach.
4 Nov 2008 10:47 | Quote
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okay thanks. im not putting one above another, ive heard alot more Malmsteen than i have Becker.. but Yngwie isnt all just fast and emotionless. there is quite alot of "feeling" in his music. altho i agree Altitudes has so much more
4 Nov 2008 18:45 | Quote
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I don't know why anyone would even want to compare malmsteen and becker. Sure, they both do/did the neo-classical thing but they are very different at their approach to their music.

Personally, i prefer becker over malmsteen. He's more melodic and takes more risks musically than malmsteen.

And yeah, that's becker playing malmsteens tune on youtube.

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