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Nutter166 Karma (14)


Who Why Date
nullnaughtgood artist10.08.2010
NightmareThe only who guy loves Parkway drive here and that totally Rocks!11.10.2009
MiciDude, just Rock on! Great pal!09.17.2009
Guitarslinger124You're pretty rockin' dude. Keep it real.08.26.2009
carlsnowyer a good egg Nutter .. and a pleasure to read! cheeers! to you, Suh!07.29.2009
soy.el.chehes nutter. hes nutter. but not only nutter, but 166 also... lol, well, u rock06.03.2009
EmpirismDoh well, hes a Nutter :) One of those dudes that really deserves karma not just gaining them.... Cheers.04.29.2009
shreadhead96Liam Gallager plus Ron Weasley equals YOU!!!!!! hes cool04.16.2009
PhipNutter is the cool breeze07.20.2008
EMB5490hi ron! lol07.07.2008
GuitarBoy666Jordan is punk rocker! (8) And so am I XD06.19.2008
foogeredMr. "Oh so awesome-sauceums"06.19.2008
SkoldProps to you for saying it like it is, man. FUCKING LOVE YA!06.19.2008
DozJust pretty mint.06.18.2008
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