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25 Feb 2008 14:39 | Quote
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some fenders strats are a nightmare to play chords on just by the nut my fingers are quite fat anyway but 4 a middle of the road price wise fender the playability for chords is shocking i was having ago and mayers "stop this train" on electric and compared to acoustic it is twice as hard usually its the other way round!!"
25 Feb 2008 15:08 | Quote
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congrats!!! u have become to second person to start a forum tht doesnt need answering. congrats...maybe im reading it wrong...
25 Feb 2008 18:06 | Quote
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I have the same problem with my Epi LP, but that's because of the scale length being so short, the frets are kinda smaller
26 Feb 2008 09:17 | Quote
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It's all preferance, some people can probably play chords well on them.
26 Feb 2008 16:21 | Quote
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26 Feb 2008 16:27 | Quote
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I dislike Strats. That's all I can say. :p
28 Feb 2008 11:21 | Quote
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I don't dislike ALL Strats. Just the one I had!
28 Feb 2008 18:42 | Quote
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I love my start, Bertha. After the Grateful Dead song, oh the songs we have played, the scales we have scaled, the the grim form my fingers that got stuck on the back side of your strings. i think i'm going to play you right now.........................................................
I love my strat
2 Mar 2008 17:25 | Quote
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I can understand why people prefer Les Pauls over strats(tone quality), but I don't understand why some people think they look more like metal guitars than strats. Les Pauls have a formal look.
2 Mar 2008 21:43 | Quote
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Denser material = warmer sound, also humbuckers are more of a les design singles are more of a strat. Yes i know they now have Humbucker strats now too.

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