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EmpirismI could SWEAR I gave you karma before, I SWEAR :D... well, I remember Doz one of who gave me warm welcome to the site...somewhere in history.... Stay tuned! Cheers!03.10.2011
Guitarslinger124Digging the new music man!06.07.2010
carlsnowAmazingly great tunes ...color me impressed!~ RAWK!06.03.2010
brodyxhollowGiving me the answer I was looking for on a question about basses.02.04.2009
soy.el.chehe rcks,, n knows bout music like way 2 much.. nope, way 3 much12.09.2008
JazzMaverickPretty awesome guy. Very mature and he's a good laugh.10.19.2008
KicknGuitarKnowledgeable yet mature to make it not seem like he's a show off! (Show off!)08.01.2008
PhipDoz is the "voice of reason" on this forum, not to mention he gives no nonsense answers to a lot of questions. Doz is "worthy"07.28.2008
GuitarBoy666He gave me some kickass punk bands a while back :D06.26.2008
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