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Its probably going to be 2 weeks...

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12 Jan 2012 02:36 | Quote
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until I get new strings :)
then i will be playing and practicing again!
i just hate having to wait this long...
12 Jan 2012 02:37 | Quote
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until then, music theory and ear training :)
12 Jan 2012 06:26 | Quote
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perfect opportunity to do that

whenever I pop a string i just retune and play with 5 strings lol
12 Jan 2012 16:33 | Quote
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You do not need all 6 strings to play-it just helps.
With the remaining 5, practice chromatic picking(1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) up the low E and A strings to the 8th or 10th fret(if you can get 12 on an acoustic-kudos). Then go back down to the starting position with your index finger at the first fret on the low E. Then repeat this starting on the D string and alternate up the neck the same way on the G and back down. Then you can do the high E alone up and down.
2 weeks is hard for ME to recover from, so I can only imagine the impact on someone just getting rolling-better to try to get as much out of the instrument as you can early on, as a big break in playing could really set you back. Possibly even to the point of *gasp* Guitar Hero!
Just messin' with you, but seriously try doing something with the guitar until your new strings are on it. You'd only get better from being able to play a little bit on it each day(great time to practice learning scale shapes along one or two strings individually btw-since chords are a bit 'off' when you remove one of the strings XD).
12 Jan 2012 18:18 | Quote
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Yeah case makes some good points, and you can always just play the imaginary string anyways. Work on major scales, all forms, and fret the notes even if you don't pluck a string. Can't hurt imo.
13 Jan 2012 10:18 | Quote
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Yeah good point Case. If you play just your low 4 strings, that pretty much mimics a bass.
14 Jan 2012 00:55 | Quote
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@tsb A bass tuned up an octave (:
14 Jan 2012 04:03 | Quote
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i like the deeper sound of bass, this is pretty neat, ive always thought the chord swould be different with a string gone, but I LOVES IT (now n e way) haha :p thanks guys!!

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