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How to play jazz

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21 Nov 2011 19:20 | Quote
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I got the role to play lead in my high school jazz band, but i have no freekin clue how to play jazz... What scales and chords do i use?
21 Nov 2011 19:49 | Quote
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I am not sure that you couldask a more broad question here, but one thing that has been helping me significantly is the series by Jody Fisher titled "Jazz Guitar". THere are four books and I imagine with my limited practice time that it would take me years to get through them all, but they do have loads of good examples. I am sure DanielM and RA could give you loads of good advice on where to start learning.
21 Nov 2011 20:14 | Quote
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In my School Jazz Band I end up playing mostly 7th, minor 7th, add9, as well as variations of these, sometimes with added 11ths, 6ths, 9ths, etc. For scales I play mostly Blues, Dorian, and Natural/Harmonic/and Melodic Minor.

Pretty much anything with a flat 7th will fit in HS Jazz.

Don't they give you the sheet music with recommended chords and scales?
21 Nov 2011 20:18 | Quote
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I would imagine your going to be mostly sticking with Major and Minor stuff. The Jody Fisher books are recomended, also Hal Leonard has a book to that is worth checking out on jazz (there is a lot of info just not presented the best).

I think the high school jazz bands are going to play more generic easy kind of jazz music like Gerchin and Bernstein, not so much les Montgomery, or Miles Davis.
22 Nov 2011 05:29 | Quote
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http://www.jazzguitar.be/ I found this site was really helpful on getting me going, good examples and explained really clearly.

There's a hell of a lot to jazz you've got a long road ahead, good luck.
22 Nov 2011 07:15 | Quote
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@DanielM OMG I go to that website EVERY day lol......crazzzy
23 Nov 2011 09:17 | Quote
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yea, they give sheet music thats real complicated and it used all these weird variations of 7th chords and add9th, and im really not too familiar with them.
25 Nov 2011 15:36 | Quote
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also helps to know your drop 2 and 3 vocings. realistically if you know them all you can play practically all of jazz.
26 Nov 2011 23:58 | Quote
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First of all congrats on making the cut in the jazz band! Almost all jazz bands (school based at least) will have lead sheets with the chord progressions. You are right that there will be a ton of new chords that you will required to play but this should expand your playing. Utilize this website to get ideas for the new chords and use the chords to scales (section) to help you with the scales that would fit if you get a chance to solo. Listen the groove of the drummer and bass player and try to comp with the your rhythm playing. In most cases, depending on the pieces you band leader selects; you won't be able to use just one scale for the entire piece. Many pieces in Jazz have a section that may stay in one key during the soloing section. Good luck and have fun learning.

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