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I don't understand anything im pissed !!

31 Oct 2011 14:47 | Quote
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i don't understand anything about recording your music how do you record your music , please explain simply cause every time you explain it's complex and i don't understand and get pissed im ready to play guitar 10 hours a day but understand how to record and to learn i have the patience to learn
31 Oct 2011 17:31 | Quote
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You do realize that there are people who specialize in this kind of stuff because it's not easy, it's not straightforward, it's not something that you just know in a day.

Music production is hard. It's tough to get that "professional sound". If you just want an okay sound, here's an idea:

Basic Mixer: M-Audio Fast Track USB Interface

For Acoustic Guitar: MXL Large Capsule Condenser Mic

For electric guitar: Just line-in to your mixer/audio interface.

Now, you need software. Now, for your software, you can use something like Cubase, Audacity ( Audacity ), etc for your music editing. From there it's just quality and playing around with stuff. If you want to sound good, you need to make an investment.

If you get this frustrated that easily, you're going down the wrong path.
31 Oct 2011 17:42 | Quote
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If you just want to record, get a hand held recorder. Some of them you can even overdub onto a new track.

If you are trying to construct songs with other instruments, then you probably need software and gadgets like Jeff suggests.

Or you get a microphone and a cheap old analog 4track cassette recorder for $40.
31 Oct 2011 17:45 | Quote
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Audacity and a mic.

1 Nov 2011 00:23 | Quote
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gs212: won't you need an interface?
1 Nov 2011 01:48 | Quote
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every soundcard, in a computer or separate mixer is an interface.


First you must choose, do you use computer (and if you do so, is it powerful enough?) and what software? or do you use mixer table. Only then we are able to explain you how, because every method, every software is different.

1 Nov 2011 02:40 | Quote
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I would say if your not a software computer guy, then scrap that whole idea. Get one of those multi-track recorders, even a tape based one if you want. I started on one and i picked it up on ebay for $60. but they have newer versions that record to a flash card. READ THE MANUAL then record until your blue in the face then send it to pro (or hungry student) for mixing and mastering.

1 Nov 2011 11:31 | Quote
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none of my computers can take in a recording through the stock sound card:( you must have the good stuff.
1 Nov 2011 19:00 | Quote
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Yeah, quality is ofcourse an issue with a stock or integrated cards, but most of todays integrated soundcards have an input. So plucked right they can do the recording.

But they are not low latency soundcard so playback have awful delay and playing through that is not fun or easy, but technically its possible.

but through mic, say acoustic simple mono wav track and you record without any (virtual)effect or need of playback, it can do the job.

my friend play elektro acoustic and use this for recording, he said he like it


3 Nov 2011 01:45 | Quote
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Recording music is an art on its own... If you don't have patience you won't succeed... there is no quick way otherwise it would just sound Sh!T... If you want the simple way, get a mic and click record with windows voice recorder. . . or you can take the right path and be patient about it... like using google...
4 Nov 2011 11:10 | Quote
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Practice, practice......practice

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