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This irks me,need help..

Music Theory
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I recently aquired alot of awsome music books
from a yard sale for dirt cheap. Sounds good right?
Wrong...There all standard notation,and I can't
read standard notation.

So if theres anyone who can,tips would
be much appreciated.

I also have a have extra questions.
#1How do you find the range of a note?
#2what kind of note falls under the stave upside down?
#3what clef should i use too write my guitar works?
#4 which clef for piano and bass?

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Guitar is usually in Treble Cleff
the lines in Treble are (from bottom to top) E-G-B-D-F
the spaces are (from bottom to top) F-A-C-E

upside down notes are still the same, that's how they fit in the staff without sticking way out into others.

Bass is typically in Bass Clef
Lines are GBDFA, spaces are ACEG

Piano varies. Middle C is one whole step Below the Treble Staff, and one Whole step above Bass staff, notes are placed accordingly.
However on guitar, you will typically see one octave. You must decide which octave you will play in. If you see a note that is an Octave above the rest, it must be played in the octave above whichever octave the rest are in.

If you see something like (F7 should be centered over 3rd measure)
Gmin7 F7

that would mean play a Gmin7 chord for two measures on every 1/4 note beat then F7 for one measure every Beat then for two beats in the 4th measure with 2 beats of rest after.
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YOYO gshredder2112 this is all you need, cool thing is there are interactive exercises use when ever you want at anytime. I do it when I'm at school, or need a 5 min brake from homework.
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neomass1 says:


Rock on!
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This is good.
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Thanks guys,I appreciate all the advice!

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