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Lets take a jump together - music taking the good with the bad

5 Jun 2011 19:44 | Quote
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Lets take a jump together - music taking the good with the bad

Hi every buddy.

I hope you all know that I think vary highly of you all, as you all have a passion for music and love for music. Because of I look towards you all for opinions and ideas.

When I try to gain in over all view of subject matter in any media I start with three points.

The target - AKA the audience
The maker - AKA the people who make or play music
The critic - AKA the ASS who tells everyone what good or not.

I may not always personal agree with that anyone of theses groups on a majority may thing, but my job forces me to be objective at times.

Example being me not liking rap, but hired to make the best rap beat in the world. When these cases show up I have to talk to everyone I can. Most times I don't have to be critical with the target liking it, and rarely do I ever have to care about the Critic. I mostly have to work with the artist in a personal fashion and care about what they want.

Time to time I have to try and make everyone happy. Why, well if a broad of producers tells you and the rapper your working with to make something mainstream and 'universally appealing' you have to open up you view.

So this leads me to you, the members of this form for your help. All of you have different personal view from different backgrounds, and this is everything I could ask when looking for The Makers.

What I ask of you is going to be hard and difficult for some of you to do, but I hope some of you can help me out. What I need is for you all to talk about music you may not not like, and talk about why.

I feel you learn more about people and the music they like by talking about the music they don't, odd right but its true. I hope this is something we can all get involved in.

So name a band, post some of there songs and talk about why you don't like them. It would be great if you found a band you never really listen to, looked into them and then talk about them.

I'm going to start you all off with a band that gets a lot of mixed views.

Feel free to talk about bands you do like, or if a band comes up that you like say so and why.

Hollywood undead.

I'm going to post a few songs that I think show there range as a band and you should listen to them, break them down a bit, and talk about what you like or don't.

Thank you for your help.
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hollywood undead blows,they use the same(similar) keyboard every song.But that one song is not bad i guess...
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What song?
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First was okay. Could have used a better beat.
Others (to me) were horrible.

Every single person I know who has a similar music interest as me loves this group. I'll listen if nothing else is on, but besides that, *dislike*
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I have a hard time with this one because I like some songs and not others. And I cant really tell why. Its like how I dont like screamo for the vocal stile yet I like the used.

I like undead, young, and Christmas in Hollywood but none of their other stuff. Id like to figure out why but that would mean I would have to listen to their bad songs and I cant do that. I just cant.
7 Jun 2011 11:05 | Quote
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why are they all wearing stupid masks?

this is a band that i don't even have to listen to to know that i hate them. then, after listening to 15 seconds of their music, my instincts are confirmed.
7 Jun 2011 12:14 | Quote
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I like this one neomass!

I can already say without listening to the band you posted that I don't like them. Why? They wear masks and the name: Hollywood Undead? They come off as ridiculous to me. Trust me, it's not because I'm old. I never liked bands/artists that do this. Except one: KISS. Why? They were the first and they did it right. They were'nt so popular when I first got into them either. They were kinda underground.

Bruce Springsteen: Why? When I was a kid, I liked bands that not everybody was into. My friends were'nt into Sabbath, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc. This made me like them more! I did not like bands that were overwhelmingly popular like the Beatles and Elton John. I got over this as I got older and I love the Beatles, Elton John and the like. But, for some reason I just can't get into Bruce or Dave Matthews or anything like them. I can see/hear the reasons that the Beatles and Elton John are so popular but I just can't see it for Bruce or Matthews. I do however have mad respect for both of these guys. They are great musicians, writers, and performers. I know this sounds contradicting to what I just said.

I don't like modern country music either. I like old school country but only when I'm in THE COUNTRY! When I go fishing up north in the mountains and there are cowboys around and an AM station that plays old country tunes I love it! I will NOT listen to Shania Twain stuck in traffic on the 405! When I'm in my car and I'm angry cause it's hot and I'm stuck in traffic and angry, I like to listen to punk or metal.

I guess for me it's all about the mood.

9 Jun 2011 15:22 | Quote
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@Mac Thank you. Your the first one to come about this post in the right way. I really wanted to hear the whys, or the reasons behind them.

Its funny how you talk about Kiss because I found Hollywood in much the same way. No one was really into them, they where just a band on myspace with a "F you we do what we want" kind if demeanor. I didn't care to listen to them because I thought they where never going to be anything. Then people start to talk about them with all kinds of hate, I didn't mind... Besides when I would ask what about there music don't you like, they could give me a believable answer. I came to find out no one was listening!

What I sat down and blasted though every song they ever made. What did I find? That they are one of the most interesting bands I have ever found. Personally I hate half there music, and love the other half. I'm fine with that, i feel this way with almost every band.

I'm more of a song to song bases kind of guy.

What I'm trying to understand is all the reason people feel one way about one band and another.

Right now the most outstanding point is...People put more on looks then they do on music. Not saying we are all that why, but I have a strong feeling that this is true.

I would ask all of you to think about when looks had a hand in what you thought about bands (or people for that matter). I only bring this up because of all the research I have done over the last 3 months, this just keeps becoming a fact.

Is it the only factor... no. Is it one of the biggest YES! Believe it or not, its is a factor.

Should it be? Well that's up for you all to decide.
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Moving right along....
Band number 2
GOING IN COMPLETELY the different direction


Here they are live

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