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Cheapest clean sounding amp out there.

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9 May 2011 05:22 | Quote
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I tried a marshal that was 70 dollars and thought it sounded nice. Any recomendations for something else. It need be the smallest wattage possible. Its not for giging but for home use only. It will be a long time beforte i can afford it. But it doesnt hurt to look into it now. It will be accompanied by a telecaster.

Thank you.
9 May 2011 05:34 | Quote
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I recently acquired a Line 6 Pod (The UX2) The UX 1 is cheaper... You an have almost any amp in there...
9 May 2011 07:00 | Quote
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The roland minicube,the marshall mini,or even better,the mini fenders

If you are into guitar amp modeling ( POD,GT-10,Zoom) then computer software has surprassed (is that ok?) it by far.
11 May 2011 00:59 | Quote
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B-52 AT series amps have an amazing clean channel and a bonus is that the OD channels are equally amazing.
Cheap too, I scored my AT212 combo for 300 bucks(guy also threw in a Gibby 500T pickup and 7 spare tubes).
11 May 2011 03:29 | Quote
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AlexB says:
The roland minicube


I own a little 15 watt Roland Cube and that thing is a monsterous little amp.

Rock on!
11 May 2011 14:40 | Quote
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I own a roland Ex15fx, its about $60 its got buit in reverb chorus and delay,with adujustable.parameters, Acd line in and out,so you can plug your stero into it,or run a line from.your amp to stereo,3band eq,overdrive channel.Its a pretty clean sounding amp.as.long as you dont turn the volume over 7.

11 May 2011 15:28 | Quote
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tanks guys
11 May 2011 16:25 | Quote
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No problem dawg.

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