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Chords whats a good why to learn and explore them?

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Chords whats a good why to learn and explore them?

Talk to me about who you learn chords?

in class so can't type out to much
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well i reccomend learning all the maj triads in all keys,cmaj 1-3-5
c e g
then learning how to add stuff to the triads 1-3-5 + 7 gives you cmaj 7
flaating.the third of a maj triad gives you a min triad.

see what im gettn at,learn your triads,and the scale the triad comes from.
then learn how to form chords by adding the 7th 9th 13th..etc or flatting or sharping certain notes.hope this helps.

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My favorite way is to make some odd ones up on paper and then try them out on the guitar to see what they sound like. last night I made an A7 sus2 with a flat 5th. its endless what you can make this way.
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something interesting is taking chords you know, and then playing the same shapes in a different tuning (such as dadgad) then taking the chords (not the shapes) and figuring them out in standard tuning.

it can be fun if you have more than one guitar
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I like to play with the Chord Name finder on this site to find interesting chords.

neomass1 says:
Talk to me about who you learn chords?

Sorry Neo but I've positioned myself as a legibility commenter, and I must take (albeit lighthearted) exception to your post. Quick responses to a post, with auto correct in full effect, or with a unwillingness to take a second to get things at least making sense is irksome to me, but I usually just ignore it. When you go to the effort to CREATE a post, and you don't even check to make sure that you made one iota of sense, then I feel compelled to chirp a bit. Chirp,chirp.

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I mainly do bar chords.
It's an easy transition from 5ths to major to minor to suspended, to most different forms.
You can also move 1 finger and get a completely different sound
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@tinyskateboard I understand, I was just on brake and was planing to come back and put up a real post, but you got here first...

I was really going to ask you if you went though any interesting steps to understand, or learn chords. From a music theory stand point. I try take the just take the note of a chord, Cmaj C E G, and try to find them on any instrument. I slowly move from one chord to the next, and to even more advanced chords like 13th. I think this really helps with knowing your steps with in a scale, and degrees within chords.

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