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FINALY PART 9 - Here I was thinking I ran out of Ideas.

Music and Bands
1 Apr 2011 06:48 | Quote
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Ok so I needed to stay awake all night for the last free day of my spring brake... music help me see the light of day!

Lets kick it off with a song!!!

I love these guys, with headphones and the lights off these songs can take you places.

Lol I need to find a lady friend and pull that line on her.

"hey baby this kine of music is so much better with the lights off, and our cloths off" - lol I'm just kidding I wouldn't try that, or would I... only fate will tell. I will have to get a have to convents a woman to come in to place of living first. Way to go Neomass now everyone thinks your some kind of creep.

BACK to the topic, crap, what is the topic. OH music you can have shag to... no that's not it.

Oh the power of music to bring you to different forms of reality, and suppsychic.

psychedelic can do that easy with the right elements, but lets get into some really trippy stuff.

Folktronica Experimental

I love The Books, every time I listen to their music I find something new layered within.

Its is so much fun to find music that takes us somewhere faraway and magical. I think from the done of time we have man has found this power in music, to turn inward and go to places of the imaginary.

I don't know how many of you have whats called Synesthesia, I think thats what I have. great now I'm making it off to sound like some kind of illness.

anyway I hear things like words I see colors... like you say blue I see blue. Some are not as easy as that, some are vary odd and unexplainable. Like you say Apple you would guess I see the word apple in Red, right? no I see it the word in green.

The fun and interesting thing about this is its goes the other way. sometimes I imagine colors that turn into sounds.

like this


I'm sorry but you will have to go to this site as the it will not let me post the video.

It a vary interesting thing, and it has made me progress though music like some kind of journey, with my only goal to find some kine of meaning in this mess of a world.

what music takes you from here to another?

More Impotently

Where do you GO! can you explain it.

I'll post a video and explain where I go first and you guys go next ok?

I see the skys above me, I see the starts, clouds, plants, and strange colors and images that I can't explain timelapsing as everything else is still.

I'm some where dark, old, like a mist in the country side. I don't know if I'm above ground or high above the world. I see shapes move like floating castle.

2 Apr 2011 04:05 | Quote
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Well now, thats some serious sh1t man. Two thumbs up. I really enjoyed this, Black angels was bit of tool like stuff... and what becomes under that... I believe it happen soon enough, theres always some... you just got the find em... how? I dun know, they just pop up from nowhere from the mist.

those books, they really never opened to me... maybe they need more than just couple times. well... anyway... act of demon? piece of an art.

Cheers m8!
2 Apr 2011 14:27 | Quote
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neomass1 says:
Lol I need to find a lady friend and pull that line on her.... Way to go Neomass now everyone thinks your some kind of creep.


Thanks for sharing these tunes man, they're awesome.

Alex B introduced me into this AMAZING group... I love them...

Queens of the Stone Age played this song... "Better Living Through Chemistry" at the time when I first heard it I was enjoying the Buddha quite a lot... chilling out, playing F1 and listening to this song was amazing...

2 Apr 2011 20:00 | Quote
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That Shpongle song was amazing. I think it might have put me to sleep if the video wasn't so intriguing, i'm gonna go listen to more
2 Apr 2011 20:47 | Quote
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BBT,(and everyone in here)i suggest you to get (preferably in a legal way) that shpongle album "Tales of The Inexpressible" and listen to it from start to finish,with headphones in a quiet room,its really,REALLY an amazing album.

In fact,i did my final uni project for my Music History class about that album,many dont notice,but that album is from start to finish,Shpongle´s way to see a DMT trip. its crazy once you realize and analize it!

Now back to the topic,music for stoners,some Stuff from Twisted Records:

Younger Brother: These guys are CRAZY,its like Shpongle but with less ethnic stuff,also is darker butas well psychedelic (Simon Posford is Half shpongle,half younger brother)

OTT: Another Twisted producer,this is from his newest album,a true jewel for psy lovers!! if this doesnt make you happy,nothing will do.


Vibrasphere - These guys just quitted the Vibrasphere project :( but its really really cool!

2 Apr 2011 20:59 | Quote
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AlexB says:

HAHAHAHA!! I KNEW you would comment on it! :D

Alex I wish to marry your brain. You just keep coming up with amazing tunes! YEY! I love new music as brilliant as this!

Spam more on this page please :3
17 Jun 2011 23:10 | Quote
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I was looking back at some of my post and I didn't think to thank you guys for you comments and post, I really enjoyed them.

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