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Favorite classical pieces - Whats yours?

Music Theory
20 Mar 2011 06:59 | Quote
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Here are some of the ones I enjoy.

Anything my rachmaninoff is amazing

then you can hade some modernday classical to that

and a vary simple but powerful modern work.

20 Mar 2011 07:31 | Quote
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Bach prelude that you uploaded is #1.

20 Mar 2011 12:31 | Quote
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20 Mar 2011 12:41 | Quote
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You guys always start off great with Bach then throw down into the hell of the romantics. Well, I carry Baudelaire's head on a spike for all to see.

So with tradition, here's Bach's transcription of Vivaldi's "Concerto In A minor" for organ and then transcribe again too clavichord again by the profomer

and here Steve Reich's "Nagoya Marimba"

Again, the romantic thing is said more in jest [I do like Chopin sometimes;)], but lately people seem to be taking things literally for what ever reason unannounced to me.
20 Mar 2011 12:54 | Quote
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im too lazy to post a vid but ima say
flight of the bumblebee

fur elise
jesu,joy of mans desiring
21 Mar 2011 14:47 | Quote
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so epic and evocative
21 Mar 2011 14:49 | Quote
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didnt realize EMB posted tocatta e fugue too...
21 Mar 2011 15:19 | Quote
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Paganini is for shedders!

or otherwise

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